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Shop Here: Acrylic & Wood Custom Name Puzzle

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Acrylic & Wood Custom Name Puzzle

I can’t believe my baby is already almost a year! Well, not until November 27th, but it feels right around the corner.

collage of baby photos

Especially since I already ordered her two gifts. One of the items is from this great toy store we have in our town. If we’re out to dinner, we love to swing by. They have a play section, and she loves to look at all the other kids and toys. She LOVED this one specific spinny tower toy she played with there, so we got it for her for her birthday. And if I’m being honest, I also thought it was fun to play with…

The other gift I ordered for her was a custom name puzzle. I got the idea from a Minimalist Moms Facebook group (that I have since left because it turned out to be kinda crazy) on a thread about good battery-free gifts. We aren’t crazy about toys HAVING to be battery-free, but I like to have a good mix of things. And I generally think Montessori-style toys are fun.

So I looked up some custom name puzzles online. There are a ton of options you can choose from. You can get them from a number of bigger retailers, but I’m always a fan of getting things like this from smaller shops. Even on Etsy, there are about a zillion options, so let me save you some time: If you love the monochrome/light wood combo, check out the wood name puzzle from the Midnight Confetti Etsy shop!

Custom black and white name puzzle for baby

Acrylic and Wood Custom Name Puzzle (c/o Midnight Confetti)

It only has one option. Light wood and black letters. That’s great for me because I have paralysis by analysis. If I have every option under the sun, I simply cannot make a decision. And why do you need more choices when the one choice you have is pretty perfect? 😉 It looked like just my style (which, until she gets opinions, will be Ramona’s style for simplicity’s sake), and the shop had stellar reviews.

The puzzle arrived beautifully packaged and is beautiful. It is 5.5″ tall, and they vary in length from 15–20″ depending on the name’s length. The main part is constructed from 1/4″ thick formaldehyde-free maple wood, and the letters are made of acrylic (which is naturally BPA-free).

I also liked that the puzzle comes with little feet to prop it up and display it when it’s not in use. Since I haven’t put it in Ramona’s room yet, I shot a few pics of it in our room to give you an idea of the size and craftsmanship.

Custom black and white name puzzle for baby

Custom black and white name puzzle for baby

Custom black and white name puzzle for baby

Custom black and white name puzzle for baby

This name puzzle would be a great holiday gift, too—just make sure to get your orders in early! As with most handmade items, you must budget extra time for creation and shipping. This isn’t Amazon Prime; this is custom. Mine took a few weeks from ordering to receiving it.

Midnight Confetti Shop

While you’re checking out her shop, definitely check out some of her other fun products:

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  1. i love that! it’s so very you, too. wilder has a step stool with his name puzzle in rainbow some family friends gave him and i just love it!

  2. Melissa says:

    Ooohhh my nephew is turning one in January, so this could be a fun Christmas gift for him!

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