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Master Bathroom Update #4 // Painting, Lighting, & the Tub!

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I received some of the items featured in this post for free; I’ll clearly outline them when I mention and link to them. Enjoy!

It’s week FOUR of the One Room Challenge! If you’re just popping in, we’re working on our master bathroom, and it is coming right along. Here are the past three weeks of progress if you want to catch up:




Today I’m doing an update on some of the miscellaneous things we’re doing to get everything back in order. I’m also going to be spotlighting a few of the awesome sponsors I’m working with for this makeover: we’re getting paint for the ceiling from Sherwin-Williams, a paint stick to try out from HomeRight, some baller lighting from Lamps Plus, and a fine art print from Minted! I am so appreciative to be able to incorporate all of this awesome stuff into our bathroom!

Finally Painting

I mentioned last week that I have been agonizing over the paint choices since the very beginning. Why is it so hard to pick paint? I ended up going with the one on the far right, which is a really great gray with hint of beige, Sherwin-Williams Basalt Powder (eggshell). I also used Sherwin-Williams in Pure White (flat) for the ceiling, and man did that make a HUGE difference in the room!

Installing tile with Floor and Decor

To paint the ceiling, I used the HomeRight EZ-Twist Paint Stick (affiliate link). Let me be totally honest here: painting ceilings totally sucks. But this paint stick really, really helped because it has a long handle that holds paint, so you don’t have to go back and forth between the ceiling and the roller pan. It’s also less messy than a roller and paint pan combo because you suck the paint up from the can directly into the stick’s tube. Then you push the handle up as you want to dispense paint up into the roller.

Here’s the little attachment you pop on to stick down into the paint can and suck the paint up.

And here’s some of the progress working on the ceiling. It was so good to see that original yellow-y beige covered up with the white on the ceiling.

Lighting Upgrades

As for the lighting in the room, we knew we wanted to replace the little lamp shade lights above the vanity…

And the boob light in the water closet area. This means that 50% of the boob lights in the house are now GONE.

We’re replacing the lights above the vanity with this beauty from Lamps Plus, the Possini Euro Design Wrapped Wire light. It’s 56″ long and is beautiful! Each of the little lamps has a little wire cage that the lights screw into.

And then to replace the boob light in the water closet, we decided on the Possini Euro Design Sheer Silver 16″ Ceiling Light. It’s really beautiful but very understated. I can’t wait to get some shots of these installed.

The Bathtub…yes!

So I’ve mentioned the tub, the Maykke Alsen, in my previous updates and gave a peek at it in the last update, and it’s IN. It’s so beautiful! But first it had to get up there…thanks dad and Mike!

Yep. It’s perfect! What do you think?

Art Choices

And lastly, here is the art I’ve chosen for the space above the tub, Gypsophilia Wall Art from Minted. This one hasn’t arrived yet, but I can’t wait to see it in person. It’s going to look lovely!

Alright, that’s it for my update this week. Progress has kind of slowed a bit this past week as we tackle and prepare to tackle lots of the small stuff, like caulking, installing the lights, hanging some plants, installing some towel hooks, and getting ready to have the shower door installed. Among like 5,000 other things that I will surely think of as the days pass.

I’ll have some more progress next week! 🙂

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Wednesday 3rd of May 2017

Wow! What a gorgeous tub!


Monday 1st of May 2017

Oh the tub! And I really love how fresh that artwork is going to look against the tile! Final home stretch!


Monday 1st of May 2017

The paint on the ceiling makes a huge difference! Really brightens that space. And that stick looks magical - I may need to try it! Can't wait to see your next progress post. Almost there!!

TIM at DesignMaze

Friday 28th of April 2017

beautiful tub and that shower, gorgeous tiles!! I can't wait to see how you are finishing up the 1/2 wall and the rest of the bathroom in 2 weeks!


Friday 28th of April 2017

I LOVE the art!! and the lighting you picked out. so gorgeous! xo jillian