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Make Painted Concrete Coasters

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Learn how to make painted concrete coasters. Paint is an easy way to make anything over!

Make Painted Concrete Coasters

Well, we’re back from our few days at the beach, so I’m a little bummed. It was some much-needed relaxation time for us! Between work, projects, the blog, and buying our first home, things have been crazy busy and a little stressful. But I’m glad to be back and have an entire weekend of projects before I head back to the office!

And I have a bit of news! I’ve started contributing content for the Homedit blog, a home-focused website that provides inspiration and information about design and style. I’ll be posting easy DIY projects over there a few times each month and then sharing them with you here on my blog. I’m really excited about the partnership and the chance to get my projects in front of some more readers.

Make Painted Concrete Coasters

Today I am sharing the first post I did for Homedit: how to make painted concrete coasters. You can buy some concrete coasters here (affiliate link!), but in a few weeks, I’ll be sharing a full post about how I actually made my concrete coasters. Much more time consuming, but definitely cheaper! In the meantime, I’m sharing some inspiration on painting them.

Paint is a simple and affordable way to give some added personality to your home decor pieces. I love how easily you can use paint to re-create more expensive designs or to transform a piece with just a touch of extra color.

The look of plain concrete is great, and I actually have some plain concrete coasters in another room. But I wanted to paint a few coasters to accent our bedroom decor as well. I used metallic paint because I love the contrast of a metallic or high-gloss paint on concrete.

Make Painted Concrete Coasters

To check out the full tutorial, head over to Homedit.

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Make Painted Concrete Coasters
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