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How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

Learn how to make a succulent terrarium using just a few supplies!

Learn how to make a cute little succulent terrarium

Let’s talk about succulents! They’re the cure to many-a black thumb because they are super easy to care for and hard to kill. And they’re the cure to my cat’s nosy mischief sessions because they aren’t leafy and he doesn’t want to eat them.

Win and win! I have succulents all over the house, including in my DIY hanging garden. I also love succulents because they’re pretty affordable and they can last for years.

I’ve been seeing lots of succulent terrarium kits over the past few months and have been wanting to make one of my own for a while. So this past weekend I decided to nab the supplies I needed to make my own.

hanging plant pot holder

Supplies I used…

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  • Assortment of succulents
  • 10″ Glass Bubble Bowl from Michael’s (also browse various sizes and prices on Amazon here)
  • Small rocks (see mini river rocks here)
  • Regular cactus soil
  • Activated charcoal (carbon)—I bought these pills and cut them open because it was cheaper than the other options I considered
  • Rags, small shovel or spoon, scissors

Step 1: Add rocks

I put about 1.5” of rocks in the bottom of the glass bowl. The rocks serve two purposes: First, they are a reservoir for water. You don’t want water sitting in the bottom of your soil, rotting your roots. Second, they look pretty cool in the glass container.

setting up a succulent terrarium
setting up a succulent terrarium

Step 2: Add activated charcoal

Next I put a thin layer of activated charcoal (carbon) over the rocks, which will help to control moisture. This stuff is very messy, so make sure you have cleaning supplies handy. I used activated charcoal pills from my local grocery store.

A word of caution if you are also going to take the capsule-cutting route…they kind of explode a little when you cut them open, so I put them down into the glass bowl and then cut them open. That kept the mess mostly contained to the bowl! I also moved this project outside for the charcoal step.

bottle of activated charcoal
activated charcoal tablet
setting up a succulent terrarium

Step 3: Pour in soil

I poured in a few inches of soil (the amount depends on the size of the bowl) and planted the succulents. Many succulents are pretty top heavy, so packing the soil down in a bit will help keep them stable. Then I added the rest of my little rocks for decorative purposes.

Let your newly planted succulents and soil remain dry for a few days, and then care for these just as you would any other succulents—water when the soil dries out, giving just enough to wet the soil. The excess water has nowhere to go, so don’t overwater.

succulent terrarium
succulent terrarium
succulent terrarium on white shelves

Oh, and I might have been wrong about these being completely Henry proof. He may not be ripping the plants apart, but he is still interested and paws at the soil. I found a little trail yesterday after work, and then my husband sent me these the next day. CAUGHT!!!

cat getting into a terrarium

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