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Make Crafts Not War Pillow Tutorial

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Make Crafts Not War Pillow Tutorial

Last week, I shared a “Make Crafts Not War” printable and said that I would be using it for a project…well, I’m done and ready to share. Today I’m going to show you how I made my “Make Crafts Not War” pillow using fabric, .59-cent felt, and some top stitching.

make crafts not war pillow tutorial

I was inspired to make this for a few reasons. First, I was browsing Etsy one night and saw this pillow. I loved the way the felt looked on the fabric, I just didn’t know what I wanted my pillow to say. Cue the printable…the perfect fun saying for my pillow. I’ve even included a template that you can use. So, if you’d like to make a similar pillow, read on.

(This post contains affiliate links. You can read more about that here. Thank you!)
  • Fabric and felt (the small kind of felt that you can buy in the craft section).
  • Embroidery thread & needle.
  • Embroidery hoop.
  • Template for letters (download it here).
  • Batting (I used the same kind I used for my no-sew pillows).
  • Fusible web (make sure it isn’t a super strong hold–you’ll need to be able to sew through it).
  • Iron and ironing board/pad.
  • Scissors and pencil.

Step #1: Cut your pillow fabric. The size is entirely up to you, but you’ll want two pieces that are the exact same size. Keep in mind seam allowance. Once cut, set aside.

Step #2: Make your felt letters. To do this, I set my fusible web paper-side up on top of my letter pattern and traced the outline of each letter. Then, I ironed my fusible web onto the wrong side (if there is one) of my felt—make sure you follow your brand’s directions.

Step #3: After everything cools, carefully cut your letters out. Make sure you’re not pulling the felt off of the fusible web. If the fusible web’s paper backing starts to peel off, that’s okay.

make crafts not war pillow

Step #4: Set one piece of your pillow fabric right-side up on your ironing board. Peel the paper backing off of the letters and arrange them felt-side up on the pillow fabric. Follow your fusible web’s instructions to iron the letters onto the pillow fabric.

make crafts not war pillow

make crafts not war pillow

…This is where things got ugly for me, so there are no pictures. My letters just would not fuse to the fabric! I think that I may have ironed for too long in step #2. 🙁 But I had put a lot of work into the letters, so I wanted to salvage them. I took the only kind of glue I had in the apartment—wood glue—and put tiny dabs on the back of each letter. Then, I carefully arranged the letters and let them dry for a few hours. Hopefully you can skip this step, but it did work!

Step #5: Once your letters have cooled (or dried…), put the fabric into your embroidery hoop and sew a straight stitch along the border of each letter.

make crafts not war pillow

Step #6: Now all you have to do is sew up the sides just like you would any other pillow. With the right sides of each fabric piece facing one another, sew a straight seam along each side. But, make sure to leave a ~6in opening on the bottom. This is where you’ll reach in to stuff the pillow. I made a French seam on mine because I think it looks very neat. (For more on making a French seam, see the instructions in this post.)

Step #7: Stuff the pillow and sew up the opening by hand. You’re done!

make crafts not war pillow

make crafts not war pillow

Learn how to make a cute and quirky "Make Crafts Not War" statement pillow. Only limited sewing skills required!

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Helena A.

Friday 25th of December 2015

Hi! I enjoyed this craft very much! But I can't access the letters template... Could you see what is going on? Thank you! Kisses from Portugal!

Brittany Merth

Saturday 26th of December 2015

Helena...sorry about that! Try it now!

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