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Make a DIY Wrap Cardigan

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Make a DIY Wrap Cardigan

I love versatile pieces that I can use to give more life to my small wardrobe, so today I’m going to share how to make a DIY wrap cardigan. Because the wrap is an open wrap that doesn’t have any buttons, zippers, or hooks, it’s very easy to make. I chose a knit fabric for mine because it’s very soft and drapes nicely.

I also chose dark gray so that the wrap would go with almost anything. Since my office is freezing, I’ve decided to keep it at my desk at work. It was so easy to make—read on for the three steps to make one like it!

make a diy wrap cardigan

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Step #1: Determine the measurements for your three pieces.

The main (middle) piece should be roughly three times the width of your hips from one side to the other (not your total hip measurement). The two side pieces should each be a bit less than the width of your hips. The length of all three pieces should be somewhere between 35″ and 40″ depending on where you’d like the wrap to hit. Build in a bit of a seam allowance.

Because this is an open wrap that drapes over you, the measurements are very forgiving. Below are the measurements I cut for a ~15″ hip width. I’m almost 5’10”, so I chose a longer length.

make a diy wrap cardigan

I measured my fabric and marked it with washable marker. Then I just cut the pieces out. If it’s easier for you, you can create a pattern on tracing (or tissue) paper, pin that to your fabric, and then cut the pieces out.

Step #2: Now you just need to sew the two side pieces on to the main piece. Pin one side to the main piece. Using a siz-zag stitch, sew a seam, but make sure to leave a ~10″ opening for your arm as illustrated below. Do the same for the other side.

make a diy wrap cardigan

Step #3: Now that your wrap is one piece, hem all four sides. Then hem the openings you made for your arms. To make hemming easier, press the desired hem with an iron and some spray starch. Then trim the extra. fabric from the hem.

Really easy—here it is!

make a diy wrap cardigan
make a diy wrap cardigan

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Sunday 17th of December 2017

I don’t see, but I’m wondering...why can’t you buy one long piece of material and, after making appropriate measurements, just cut in arm holes? Is it that the length on the bolt would be too short? I do like this pattern and it looks easy enough for even me to try. Just wondered.


Saturday 2nd of September 2017

Just happen to find this wrap and can't wait to make one. Thank you so much for sharing.


Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Oh, this looks so easy! Love it!

Brittany Merth

Sunday 6th of September 2015

It was! Thank you!

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