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Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate (The Creative Hot Seat #2)

This post shares my second iteration of a new venture I’m undertaking: The Creative Hot Seat! I’ll be interviewing wonderful makers from around the web, and today my second feature is about Lindi and Russel from Love Create Celebrate. Enjoy.

Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate: The Creative Hot Seat #2

Hey there, everyone! I’m back today with another iteration of The Creative Hot Seat, a new series that profiles bloggers, makers, and creators. I wanted a way to network and connect with others in the online creative community while also spotlighting and promoting people I love following.

My first feature was on my friend Emy from Semigloss Design, and today I’m chatting with Lindi and Russel Vanderschaaf from Love Create Celebrate.

Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate
Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate: The Creative Hot Seat #2

Introducing Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate

Hailing from an area of Alberta, Canada that is like, really, really cold are Lindi and Russel Vanderschaaf, the awesome people behind the blog Love Create Celebrate. Lindi and Russel have been blogging for 5 years with Lindi mostly at the helm blogging—but both of them are very hands-on when it comes to their projects. Both have been creating since they were young. 

I have Internet-known Lindi for many years now. I started getting into the blogging circles a little after she did, and we became fast friends. Immediately I know I loved her style, and the way she wrote just made her seem like a cool person. So you can imagine my excitement when I actually finally got to meet her in person this past July when the stars aligned and we were both in Atlanta for the Haven conference. 

(I got to meet Russel, too, and apparently learned that he refers to me as the one who likes cats. Russel, even if that was an insult, I’m taking it as a compliment. It’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said about me.)

Lindi and Russel are both super talented. They have three young kids, too—one just a baby. They are those people you look at and think, “How in the hell are they getting all this done? I haven’t even washed my hair in 5 days!” Their room makeovers are amazing and always filled to the brim with DIYs. Their creativity and hard work always shows in their projects.

So, instead of me babbling on about how I’m president, vice president, and secretary of the Love Create Celebrate Fan Club, let’s hear from Lindi.

Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate: DIY vertical black shiplap wall
Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate: DIY wooden accent wall

5 Questions With Lindi From Love Create Celebrate

1. Why did you start Love Create Celebrate?

I started a blog while I was on maternity leave because I needed a creative outlet. At the time in Canada, we had 12-month maternity leaves (now they can be up to 18 months), which was amazing. But looking after a baby all day, I found myself in need of something to “work on,” so I started sharing my projects and through the blog, which was just a hobby at the time. 

DIY wall grid for an office

2. What do you love most about making?

I love the satisfaction and the pride that comes with knowing I did something myself. Every room in our home has pieces that are handmade. I love seeing them and sharing them with guests.

Canada-themed coffee mugs

3. What’s a mistake you’ve made in your blogging journey?

Now that I consider blogging my business, I look back and see a lot of mistakes I made. Starting on the wrong platforms, setting up my blog incorrectly, not having a strategy in place. To be honest, I did just about everything wrong. But I also had the most fun at that time because I was just enjoying making things without any of the pressure that goes along with running a business. 

Modern home office reveal

5. Through the blog have you had any community involvement or advocated for any issues that are important to you?

Not yet, but we’d love to. We are in the process of reaching out to Habitat for Humanity, which is an organization we’d really love to work with. There are a couple of other possible opportunities, too…so stay tuned for progress on those!

5. Your 3 Favorite Love Create Celebrate Projects—What Are They?

DIY Live Edge Dining Table

Our DIY Live Edge Table is one of my absolute favourite builds we have done. When you start “making,” there are always projects that make you say, “one day we’ll make that.” A DIY live-edge table was one of those projects for us.

Tables are the center of the home. We use ours every single day to eat at, colour on, and chat over. Definitely a favourite of ours. I also love this project because it’s so achievable for anyone, even though it might look more complicated. 

Beautiful DIY live edge dining table

DIY Entry Leather Wall Hooks

We are all about practical DIYs. We create things that we are actually going to use, and try to create them in a stylish way. Our DIY Entry Wall Hooks are one of my favourites, because I still remember how excited I was when I came up with the design!

I had to alter it, and tweak it a bit, but the end result was exactly what I was looking for. A hanger with simple “S” hooks looks beautiful already, but to add leather into the design adds so much more character, and is still functional!

DIY leather coat hooks

DIY Dollar Store Bookends

Another philosophy of mine is that beautiful homes don’t have to be expensive. I love shopping at the dollar store and updating pieces for this exact reason! You can spend a few dollars on supplies, and with just a little bit of time getting creative, you can end up with a beautiful piece! These DIY Dollar Store Bookends sit on my office shelves now, and no one believes they were originally from the dollar store. And that’s the way I like it! 

DIY dollar store bookends

Some of my absolute favorite of Lindi and Russel’s projects are their DIY wood accent wall (seriously, I know these are all the rage right now, but these two were doing it way before it was all over everyone’s Instagram feeds!), their recent modern home office makeover, the vertical black shiplap wall they installed behind a desk (the only time you’ll ever hear the word shiplap around here), their DIY metal wall grid, and their customized Canadian pride mugs made using a Cricut—so cute! 

They also have a really cute shop on their website that you should definitely check out. And you can check out Love Create Celebrate at their blog, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Enjoy!

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Lindi and Russel From Love Create Celebrate

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