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5 Free Laser Cutter Puzzle Projects

Looking for projects you can do on your laser cutter? Check out my 5 free puzzle projects for laser cutting machines…download and use the .SVG files instantly! xTool sent me the beautiful acrylic sheets to make these projects.

5 free puzzle projects for laser cutting machines!

Did you see my recent post about how to make a puzzle with a laser cutting machine? For that post, I walked you through the steps to make a name puzzle. The process of making a puzzle is pretty much the same no matter what kind of puzzle you want to make.

This post shares 5 different puzzle projects for laser cutting machines, but they are a little bit different from the name puzzles. For the name puzzles, I just the the base with a little semicircle cutout and letter puzzle pieces.

The semicircle cutout makes it easy for little fingers to pop puzzle pieces out. But for the pieces in these puzzles, I did a lot more cutout pieces. So the semicircle method didn’t make sense.

It would have been time-consuming and kind of bulky. Instead, to get the puzzle pieces out of these puzzles, you just have to turn the puzzles upside down and dump them out.

name puzzle with a wooden base and glitter acrylic letters made on an xtool p2
free template to make a plant-themed puzzle on a laser cutter
collage of all of the free templates with text that says 5 puzzles to make on your laser

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How to assemble the puzzles

So for the files you can download in this post, I include the puzzle piece .SVG files. I also include the .PNG files incase you want to use them. Because they are .SVG files, you can use them in whatever laser cutting machine software you prefer.

To make the puzzles, you’ll need to add a background square in your software. Then, you’ll need to cut out three pieces:

  • The .SVG file with all of the cutout pieces
  • The .SVG with all of the cutout pieces AND a square around them
  • A plain square of the same size

You’ll glue the square with the cutouts on it onto the plain square of the same size. This creates the full base where you’ll put the cutout pieces! You can use wood for all of these, but I decided to use 6mm wood for the plain base, 3mm for the cutout base, and 3mm acrylic for the cutout pieces.

Keep in mind that if you’re cutting acrylic for the cutout pieces, you may need a CO2 laser like the P2 machine. That’s because diode lasers (like the M1 machine), can only cut certain colors of acrylic.

fairy garden puzzle base cut on an xtool p2
fairy garden puzzle base
fairy garden wood and acrylic puzzle made on a laser cutter
plant wood and acrylic puzzle made on a laser cutter

Want more inspiration? Check out my post about 9 bird, butterfly, and squirrel houses to make; my post with laser cutter guinea pig hidey houses, and my tips for cutting acrylic on the xTool M1!

Want to download the puzzle projects?

Want to download the 5 different puzzle projects for laser cutting machines? Each of the puzzles has a different theme! They are a fairy garden, dinosaurs, mermaids/sea life, camping, and houseplants.

You can download the locked files by dropping your email in the signup form below. I use the “Exclusive Content” feature in Grow by Mediavine to deliver my freebies. All I ask in return for freebies is your email address 🙂

You’ll be signed up for my mailing list—don’t worry, you can unsubscribe any time. And you’ll get the Dropbox link to the files as soon as you sign up. Thanks for helping me build my audience and give away awesome free stuff!

Here is the link to the Dropbox folder with the files! Enjoy, and I’d love to see what you make.

fairy garden wood and acrylic puzzle made on a laser cutter
plant wood and acrylic puzzle made on a laser cutter

Pin my 5 DIY puzzle projects for laser cutting machines!

collage that says 5 free puzzle projects for laser cutters including pictures of the puzzles

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  1. David Calabretta says:

    Looking forward to to your laser files. I just setup my first ever laser, an Xtool S1 40W machine. I am learning the machine and the required software all at once. So, I can use all the help I can get.

    • Brittany Goldwyn says:

      Hey David! It’s a learning curve but certainly well worth it. I also recommend searching for SVG files on Etsy. While not free, they are very cheap, and you can find a bunch of cool beginner projects to work on. Have fun!

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