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9 Gorgeous Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds

My 9 gorgeous and free January 2021 desktop backgrounds come in two different monitor sizes and include calendars—download instantly without any signup. Enjoy!

Free January 2021 desktop backgrounds: Instantly download all 9!

Hey guys, happy almost end of the year. It’s time for the January 2021 backgrounds! Everyone is saying it, so I might as well say it, too—2020 has been one hell of a year. I’m trying to put together a separate post with my top posts for the year, but I really have to dive into my archives.

I can’t remember which posts I did this year or which were from past years because 2020 feels like the year that has gone on and on and on. So look out for that post if I can get some time to sit down and get my list together. I like doing year-end recaps 🙂 But you’re here for desktop backgrounds today.

succulents on a table with calendars
Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds
books, teacup, and macaroons with calendar

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This month’s backgrounds

I have been doing 4 or 5 backgrounds for each month, but for January I went a little overboard and did 9. Originally I had only a few really wintery and snowy backgrounds, but not all of you get snow this time of year. We don’t get a ton, but I still like the wintery backgrounds 🙂

So I did a few other options to choose from. One with a teacup and cookies, one with a desk scene, one with some potted succulents, one with with sleeping kitten, and then a bunch with snow. As usual, I’ve included peeks at all of them in this post! Down at the bottom I’ve got a link to where I’ve got the files saved on Dropbox. Enjoy!

Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds
Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds
sleeping kitty with calendar
Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds

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Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds
Free January 2021 Desktop Backgrounds

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