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Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers

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This post shares three cute iron-on shirt ideas for toddlers! I made Ramona three iron-on designs to dress up a few plain shirts. You can use your Cricut to cut these and customize using different types of vinyl.

Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers

I was in the mood to do a little Cricut crafting a few weeks ago, so I decided to play around with some elements in Design Space to come up with some cute designs. I love the designs on the shirts Target has (I think most of them are the Cat and Jack brand), and I had a few plain shirts and some iron-on that I wanted to use to create similar designs.

This won’t necessarily be a tutorial, but I’ll like to the designs in Cricut’s Design Space (make sure you’re logged in to Design Space), tell you what materials I used, and show you some pics! Let’s do the dino shirt first.

Toddler in a rock play box

“Fierce” Dinosaur Cut File for a Toddler Shirt

For this one, I found a t-rex image in the Design Space gallery. In the screen capture below, you can see the original dinosaur below mine. I just rotated it so it would be more portrait-oriented rather than landscape—better for a smaller shirt.

To “punch out” the letters for “FIERCE” inside the dino, I used the Design Space slice tool. I also used the ungroup/group feature to separate all the letters and position them exactly where I wanted them to go. I put this one on a plain black t-shirt Ramona had and used a lilac everyday iron-on.

You can check this project out here on Design Space to make it. I also have a detailed post if you want to learn more about using the slice tool in Design Space.

Cricut Design Space
Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers
Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers

Cute seal shirt

I don’t know what it is about this cute little seal, but I love it! I used it on a little “Ramona’s Things” Infusible Ink zippered pouch and had to put it on a shirt. For this one, I didn’t do any manipulating at all. I just added the “hi.”

I used black glitter iron-on material on a gray blank t-shirt I picked up on clearance at Joann a while ago. If you like Cricut, you can’t resist a good dirt-cheap blank t-shirt! If you want to make this project, check out the project here in Design Space.

Cricut Design Space
Ironing on vinyl to a shirt
Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers
Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers

For more Cricut, check out my ultimate guide to using the Cricut EasyPress, my customized Target craft caddy, my rainbow wall decals tutorial, and my review of the Cricut Joy!

Happy popsicle toddler t-shirt

This last one is my favorite! It’s so cute and gives a facelift to a plain black t-shirt that Ramona got some paint stains on. For this one, I used glitter iron-on in purple, pink, and silver (the “princess” sampler pack), as well as white everyday iron-on. If you’ve never layered iron-on before, make sure to check out my guide to layering iron on!

For this one, I used the original popsicle file at the bottom of the screenshot below. You can see in the layers panel—at the top—that it originally had 4 layers. That was too much for me to deal with since this was a layered iron-on shirt. Any more than two layers and it starts getting stiff.

So I did a little separating and slicing to come up with a popsicle that had only two layers: the base layer, which I wanted to do a solid color, and the popsicle top layer, which I wanted to do in different glitter vinyls. If you look on the layers panel on the right, you can see that each popsicle now has only two layers. Much more manageable!

Cricut Design Space
Ironing vinyl onto a tshirt
Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers
Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers

And that’s it! Happy Cricuting. 🙂

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Cute Iron-On Shirt Ideas for Toddlers
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