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Make Homemade Beard Oil

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This project is featured in a roundup of my 10 best DIY beauty gifts.

Make Homemade Beard Oil

Beards are completely overlooked when it comes to personal grooming. Most bearded men shampoo their beards, and some take it a step further and opt for conditioner. But very few men make the leap to using beard oil, and that’s a shame, because no one wants a scraggly beard. Think about it—women use oil treatments in their hair, and many hair products have oil in them. I know that a lot of women spend more time getting ready than men do, but that’s the beauty of beard oil. It’s quick and easy to make and to use. In fact, if you have any oils on hand, chances are that you’re halfway there. Getting your hands on the ingredients might even be the hardest part, because once you have the supplies, you’re really only mixing the different oils. So, if you’d like to learn how to make homemade beard oil, keep reading.


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  • Carrier oil. I’m using sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.

    (Note: You’ll sometimes hear carrier oils called “base oils.” They are used to dilute essential oils before the essential oils are applied to the skin. You only need one carrier oil to make beard oil, but you can use a mixture of as many as you’d like. Other carrier oils that you’re more likely to find in your local organic/healthy grocery store include apricot oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil, among others. If you decide to use coconut oil, you won’t be able to spray or use an eye dropper because coconut oil solidifies very easily.)

  • Essential oil. I’m using lavender and spearmint, both of which I already had on hand. Read about the many essential oils available here.
  • 1/2 oz or 1 oz spray bottle. I’m using a 1/2 oz glass bottle with a spray top. I found it at Whole Foods.
  • Eye dropper or tiny funnel.

how to make homemade beard oil

(Don’t use any ingredients you’re allergic to, and always spot test new ingredients to make sure you don’t have a reaction to them. Do not use any homemade products without consulting with an appropriate medical professional first. Read my full terms of use here.)

Step #1: Using your eye dropper or tiny funnel, fill your bottle with your carrier oil, I used an eye dropper to roughly measure a 50/50 mixture of jojoba and sweet almond oil. Make sure to leave a bit of room at the top for a few more drops of your essential oils.

Step #2: Using your eye dropper or tiny funnel, drop in your desired amount of essential oil. For a 1/2 oz bottle, I used 5 drops peppermint and 5 drops lavender. This is entirely up to you based on how strong you’d like the scent to be, but remember that essential oils are much more powerful than carrier oils, so you don’t want to go overboard.

how to make homemade beard oil

Step #3: Put the top on your beard oil bottle and very gently shake it to mix your oils. You’re done. It’s really that easy to get a beautiful beard.

how to make homemade beard oil

Before you know it, you’ll look as good as this guy:

how to make homemade beard oil

If you’re new to essential oils and scent mixing, there really aren’t any rules. Just remember that, since it will be on your face, you’ll be smelling it all day, so choose wisely! A lot of it is based on personal preference, and here are a few combinations I like:

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Mike Burke

Monday 7th of December 2015

I was looking to use castor oil as a carrier oil. I am at an age that the beard I once had is now a wild hair patch and my mustache is less full. any suggestions ??

Brittany Merth

Monday 7th of December 2015

You can definitely use castor oil as a carrier oil!