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The Easiest Way to Vine Houseplants on Walls

I’m sharing a few quick tips about how I vine houseplants on walls, because sometimes trimming those long, healthy vining stems is just too difficult! Affiliate links below; read more about those here.

Quick tip: How I vine trailing houseplants on walls

Alright folks, quick tip time! I debated whether I should actually write a post on this or not, but I had exactly two people DM me about how I vine my houseplants after a recent Instagram post. That’s enough of a sample size to gauge interest on and move forward with a post, right? 🙂

So vining houseplants is a great way to add some visual interest to an otherwise uninteresting wall. It’s also a good way to tame plants that might be getting a bit too big for your space but are otherwise happy and healthy. Why trim the ends if you don’t want to? Create more space on the wall instead!

How I Vine Houseplants on a wall

Vining houseplants on walls

There are a lot of different ways to vine houseplants on walls. You can build an indoor trellis or mount wires or twine to help train plants to vine. I have seen small command hooks used, and I even got a targeted advertisement the other day for these plant climbing wall clips. Both are awesome options if you can’t make holes in the wall.

But me, I like to take the easy way out—I use good old fashioned hammer and nails. I love command-strip-type things, but I find that they often work too well, peeling the paint off when they are removed. Even if they say they won’t. We had this problem with the wire clips we used to secure the baby monitor cord in Ramona’s room. Peeled up all the paint, and I’ve yet to fix it.

beautiful vining houseplant on a wall
nail in the wall to support a vining houseplant

Using nails to vine houseplants

I personally think that nails are the least intrusive options, and they are also the cheapest! Even though you’re making a hole in the wall, smaller nail holes are far easier to patch and touch up than larger swatches of peeled paint. If you’re a homeowner or a DIYer who rents, chances are you might have a random tool kit with some small nails in it.

So I just look for a spot on the plant that can rest on a small nail and hold the vine up to the wall. Then I just ballpark where to hammer the nail in. I don’t worry about finding a stud because the nails are so small and don’t support hardly any weight at all.

How I Vine Houseplants on a wall
nail in the wall to support a vining houseplant

And the best part about using the hammer and nail method? The nails are so small that they virtually disappear into the foliage! I love that look—like the plant is growing up the wall without any help. It’s kind of whimsical looking. And I hate that word. 🙂

The best plants to vine are obviously the long trailing plants. Right now I have pothos and heart-leaf philodendron vines up on walls. (See a pothos plant care guide and a heart-leaf philodendron care guide for more on these plants.) And that’s it! That’s how I vine houseplants on walls in my house. Simple as that. 🙂

Want more projects about displaying plants indoors? Check out my DIY test tube propagation station, my stainless steel bowl hanging planter DIY, and my post about how to paint terracotta pots!

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image of plant vine on white wall with text The Easiest Way To Vine Houseplants on Walls Add som green to care walls with this awesome technique
image of plant vining on the wall with text the easiest way to vine houseplants on walls

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