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7 Stunning Amazon Hanging Planters

I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite hanging planters from Amazon. These are 7 of the best modern-style planters on Amazon, and I can say that with confidence because I actually own them!

7 Stunning Amazon Hanging Planters (That Are Actually Affordable)

Hey all, today I’m going to be sharing 6 of my favorite hanging planters from Amazon. I’ve bought the majority of my hanging planters on Amazon because I find that the hanging planter selection isn’t that great in local stores. Online, you can find some really great deals on contemporary-style hanging planters for houseplants.

But instead of just combing through Amazon and picking out some of my favorite hanging planters, I’m actually sharing reviews and pictures of plants that I actually own and use! I also find that it helps to see real photos of things before buying. And I whole-heartedly endorse all of the planters linked in this post. So let’s take a look.

My Favorite Hanging Planters From Amazon

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7 hanging planters from Amazon that I own and love

1. Hanging glass wall propagation vases

I get asked about these all the time when they sneak into the background of photos and videos. These glass vases hang on the wall and are designed for rooting plants in water. I have a couple different propagation projects on my blog—my DIY test tube propagation station and my DIY glass jar propagation station—but I love these because they are up on the wall.

And being up on the wall means that they are away from cats and my kid. Both are guilty of knocking things over often. 🙂 This particular set comes in a pack of four, and they are about 5 inches by 7 inches wide, 2 inches deep. It also comes with hooks for the wall. They are designed to securely hang the planters in drywall without any anchors or special tools—just a hammer.

I usually use these for rooting pothos cuttings because they just look lovely hanging on the black wall. But right now I’ve also got some scindapsus pictus cuttings rooting in one—and some monstera adansonii propagating as well! Highly recommend these planters if you like water propagation and want to step it up from random glass jars.

glass wall vase for water propagation from Amazon

2. White & Tan Ceramic Hanging Planter Duo

If you’ve got a smaller plants that needs a home, this white and tan ceramic hanging planter duo is a perfect choice. Each pot has a glazed white base with a cracked pattern design; the rim is a tan, unfinished matte color. Each planter is 5.5 inches by 4.8 inches. The inner diameter is 4.6 inches.

I added some chain to the top of mine because I felt the length of the rope the planter comes with was way too short. Also, fair warning, these do not come with drainage holes. Check out my tips for drilling drainage holes in ceramic pots to add a drainage hole to yours. You can also check out my tips for planting in a pot that doesn’t have a drainage hole.

I haven’t added one to mine yet. I have succulents in each one (burro’s tail in one, rhipsalis in another), so I water them very sparingly. When watering, I take extra care not to overdo it and let the soil dry out completely between watering sessions. So far, my plants have been extremely happy! I highly recommend these little cuties.

modern ceramic hanging planter from Amazon
modern ceramic hanging planter from Amazon

3. Modern geometric hanging plant pot holders

These were a Christmas gift from my brother’s girlfriend—a fellow plant person. Each of these hanging planters is metal, and they come in a two-pack with cotton rope to hang. I personally love the cotton rope and prefer it over the sisal/jute that a lot of hanging planters come with.

When I got these a while ago, they actually didn’t come with pots, but it looks like the listing says they now come with two plastic pots. I use 6-inch flower pots for my hangers. One is a standard terracotta pot that I spray-painted black. The other is actually the plastic nursery pot the plant came in (I haven’t repotted it yet).

The thing I love most about these hanging planters—aside from how beautiful they are—is that I can easily remove the plant pots for watering. I take them out and give them a good soak in the sink. Then just pop them back in once the water is done running out of the drainage hole. Highly recommend these hanging plant pot holders!

I have string of pearls and a curly lipstick plant in these right now, but I’ve also had some lovely trailing pothos in the circular planter.

modern black plant pot hanger from Amazon
modern hanging planters from Amazon
string of pearls plant in a modern black plant pot hanger from Amazon
modern black plant pot hanger from Amazon

4. Leather plant pot hanger

I really love that this leather plant pot holder is a more contemporary-looking option than macrame. I’m not a huge macrame fan. It can also be used with a variety of different pots and is a good length. Each strap is 30 inches long and .4 inches wide. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, but I went with black.

Since the concrete pot I have in this hanger has drainage holes, I also added in a cork saucer to help catch any remaining moisture after watering. I’ve got this one hanging from a curtain rod. I love how it looks and would definitely consider buying another one. Especially since it can accommodate so many different types of pots. 

contemporary leather plant pot hanger from Amazon
contemporary leather plant pot hanger from Amazon

5. White hanging ceramic planter

I am absolutely in love with this medium-sized white ceramic hanging planter. (The upper diameter is 7 inches, bottom diameter is 4.3 inches, pot height is 28.7 inches.) I love that it comes with a drainage hole and plug. It’s the perfect shape and size for my ric rac cactus, and I’m planning to buy a second one for a hoya rope plant my friend is sending me.

This hanging planter also comes with an “S” hook and a screw hook, though I didn’t use the screw hook because I needed a hook with a drywall toggle bolt (see my post about how to hang plants from the ceiling). The ropes on this one are nylon, too—not jute or sisal. 

modern ceramic white hanging planter from Amazon
modern ceramic white hanging planter from Amazon

6. Contemporary large hanging planters

I actually have these planters outside in my back garden, but I wanted to include them in his post because I think they are a really nice alternative to other comparably sized hanging planters on the market. I also like how they look way more than I like the black wire and coir outdoor hanging planters. The matte black and gray ones I have are gorgeous! I really like that these are lightweight, too. 

These hanging planters have drainage holes in the bottom and are designed to be weather-resistant for outdoor use. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them indoors. It just means you need to take them down and water your plants in the sink or shower, letting all of the water drain out first. 🙂 They come with plugs for the drainage holes, but I’m afraid I ditched mine years ago.

beautiful small patio with plants
modern hanging indoor/outdoor planter from Amazon
beautiful small backyard with plants
modern hanging indoor/outdoor planter from Amazon

7. Modern vase-style planter

I typically buy only hanging planters on Amazon just because I can find such good deals on regular pots locally. However, the brand Potey runs some great sales, and a few months ago I was able to snag this amazing planter for 50% off in gray! I wanted black, but that one wasn’t on sale, so I just spray-painted mine black.

I had to include this modern vase-style planter in this roundup of hanging planters because it is just so gorgeously tall and perfect for trailing plants. So you can use it for a lot of the plants you might otherwise have in a hanging planter and set it on top of a shelf or bookcase.

It’s bigger than I’d thought it would be for the price, too (4.9 inches in diameter, 7.8 inches tall). I really love that it comes with a non-intrusive drainage saucer, too. Sometimes drainage saucers can take the modern edge off of really contemporary-looking planters. Not this one. This planter is perfect for training plants—I have a rhipsalis trailing cactus in mine.

vase-shaped modern planter from Amazon
vase-shaped modern planter from Amazon

Pin my favorite hanging planters from Amazon!

image collage of plants in Amazon hanging planters with text overlay
image collage of plants in Amazon hanging planters with text overlay

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  1. Kash says:

    Found my way here from your fiddle leaf fig guide (where comments were turned off). Both wonderful posts! Your writing style makes everything very relatable and an easy read. Greatly appreciated your ficus care post thanks to your personal experience and input. So many plant care posts/websites repeat the same generic information, lacking in depth and real examples, and skipping over some of the basics or useful guidance like how often you actually water your plants in weeks vs “more in summer less in winter.” Just wanted to leave a comment so that you don’t stop writing! I’m sure there are plenty of other beginners out there who benefit massively from reading your site (and I’m totally let down by every single other blog right now that never thought to mention fiddle leaf fig bushes & trees, how could they?).

    Sadly I stumbled onto your post because I’m fighting an infestation of scale and would have loved to hear any tips you had on that front. Also appreciate your real pictures of real plants—again most websites use generic pictures and as you know, even the same type of plant can look different from one to the next. Close ups are always appreciated, as I am on the hunt for fiddle leaf fig steam/trunk pics to see what should be there and what I should be trying to remove scale-wise. I know I’m not the first to suspiciously eye a pothos aerial root and wonder whether I should scrape it off…

    Anyway, wonderful work and I look forward to reading more!

    • Brittany Goldwyn says:

      Hi Kash! This comment absolutely made my day. Glad to know you find the stuff I put out there helpful. Sometimes I wonder if people find my general rambling helpful or not! Definitely more coming your way!!

  2. Jackie says:

    Can you show us how you hang them inside in terms of hardware?

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