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Free SVG cut files about naps

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This post shares a bundle of free SVG cut files about naps. Because who doesn’t love naps? These files are for personal use only. This post may contain affiliate links, which you can read more about here.

Free SVG cut files about naps

Naps! Who doesn’t love naps? Weirdos, maybe? Hardened criminals? People who hate Christmas and baby animals? Beats me. I love naps every day and all the time. There is literally nothing better than a deep, restorative nap on a Sunday afternoon. Preferably while the windows are open with a light breeze or when it’s pouring rain. 

Or the holy grail of all naps: going to the beach or pool, chillin out all day with a cocktail in your hand, and then coming home to take a nice long shower and then a blissful, bundled-up nap with the AC turned down to 68.

Can you guys tell I dream about napping too much? I’ve always been this way, even before I had a job and a side hobby and a toddler to make me feel tired literally all the time. My parents have pictures of me as a toddler falling asleep face down in a highchair (and in my food). They also have pictures of me falling asleep standing up with my head leaning on the couch or coffee table.

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Why napping is the best

I have a proud history of napping. It’s something I hope to pass on to my daughter. Maybe the proudest I’ve been of her so far was the day we were nearing her nap time and she walked over to the baby gate at the stairs, pointed upstairs, and just started saying “night night, night night.” Yes, dear. Mommy wants to go night night, too.

There are some people who will tell you that naps are for the weak and lazy. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” they say. Well, to that I say I am actually extending my life thanks to the health benefits of napping. Did you know that 34% of Americans nap? We’re the minority here, people! 

Napping can help boost your immune system, improve night alertness, improve daytime fatigue, improve your memory, and just make you a happier person. (Unless you nap with eye makeup on, then you might have crusty eyes, which is the worst.) Follow The Nap Ministry on Instagram for support in this endeavor. 

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I’ll say it again: what kind of monster hates naps?

You can tell the world how you feel about naps by downloading my bundle of four free SVG cut files about naps. They include sayings such as “I love naps,” “sleeping is my favorite hobby,” “professional nap artist,” and my favorite one with a sloth, “sorry, can’t come. gotta nap.” 

What are you going to make?

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