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3 Free Jack-o-Lantern SVG Cut Files for Halloween Decor

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This post shares my free jack-o-lantern SVG cut files. They will help you turn anything into an impromptu Halloween decoration! These files are for personal use only.

Free jack-o-lantern SVG cut files

Hey gang! Something a little different for today’s Offbeat Cut File Friday. I’m feeling festive and fall-like so I cooked up these cute jack-o-lantern cut files. I know some of you are thinking, “Brittany, but it’s only September, and you’ve said yourself that you don’t even like decorating for fall.” 

free jack-o-lantern SVG cut files

Well, I have a kid now, and kids like fun stuff. Plus this is the perfect project for scrap pieces of vinyl! Except I don’t have pumpkins yet, so I put these little guys on to some plant pots. I mean, that’s probably more fitting for me anyways, right?

The great think about these free jack-o’-lantern SVG cut files is that you can put them on anything. Want to make a notebook a jack-o-lantern? You can do that. How about your rear window in your car? You can do that, too. Maybe a t-shirt or a bag or a coffee cup or whatever it is that you like to throw vinyl on. Go forth!

vinyl scraps for pumpkin faces
applying vinyl to plant pot
free jack-o-lantern SVG cut files

Halloween Pumpkin Face Cut Files

I personally think they look adorable on these plant pots, but I’m going to let Ramona stick them wherever she wants. It would be fun to do some window clings with these, as she tends to put stickers in the absolute worst places. (But stickers are so fun, so I can’t really blame her.)

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free jack-o-lantern SVG cut files
pumpkin face planters

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free jack-o-lantern SVG cut files
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