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Free Cut Files


My Offbeat Cut File series shares free .SVG cut files on a variety of topics. Sometimes social issues, sometimes cats, sometimes plants, sometimes sarcasm, and sometimes just other stuff I want to say.

I’m calling them "Offbeat Cut File" because a lot of these cut files are going to be a bit different from what you typically see in the crafting world. You will not see any of these in my cut files: Bless This Mess, It’s Wine O’Clock, Raised on Sweet Tea & Jesus, No Coffee No Workee, #girlboss, and the like.

Why? Because they just aren’t me. And there are so many of them. And crafters deserve more variety…and I just have a lot to say that aren’t those things, so I’m going to make .SVG files for them because I’m too lazy to actually make t-shirts.

Enjoy this free cut file library; I hope you find something you love!