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30 Great Free Kreg Jig Project Plans

This post shares 30 free Kreg Jig project plans that use pocket hole joinery. Tables, shelving, storage cubbies, dollhouses, planters, and more!

30 Great Free Kreg Jig Project Plans to Download Today

collage of four kreg jig projects

Hey all! Today I’m sharing a list of 30 free Kreg Jig project plans that use pocket hole joinery. Because I love DIY, I love building furniture, and I love my KregJig. It’s easy to use and helps you create sturdy joints with hidden screws for a sleek, clean look on your pieces. You can use it for so many different types of projects around your home.

Today I’m sharing some of my own personal DIYs that use pocket hole joinery, as well as some of my favorite builds from around the web. Make sure to check out the projects at their original sources linked about each photo—and click around while you’re visiting, because they’re all from amazing blogs!

Free Kreg Tool Project Plans

1. Modern Industrial Coffee Table by House on Longwood Lane

I love this coffee table from House on Longwood Lane. It’s a great size, and the black-painted base gives the look of a modern iron base.

DIY modern industrial coffee table

2. Chunky Coffee Table by Love Create Celebrate

I love this coffee table Lindi made, especially the stain. It’s a great gray-brown color. I also love how chunky it is!

DIY chunky coffee table build

3. Space-Saving Sofa End Table by Me

I made this on a whim using leftover plywood from our DIY murphy bed. Since making it, we’ve used it every single day. It’s incredibly handy and was easy to make.

We’ve since moved this to the other side of the couch where we have a bowl with remotes on it. Does wonders to keep them out of Ramona’s reach! (Well, she’s learning to climb the couch, so not as much anymore.)

DIY space-saving sofa end table
DIY space-saving sofa end table

4. DIY Industrial Desk by The Handyman’s Daughter

This industrial desk has great space for storage. You could put some of those cloth fabric bins on the bottom to hold or hide things. I bet you could put this one wheels, too, if you wanted a more mobile workspace.

I could also see this design being adapted to a workshop or garage to be a workbench with extra functional storage. What do you think? Oh—and a top that opens up with hinges! That’d be cool.

DIY industrial desk

5. Live Edge Desk by Lemon Thistle

The first of two live edge DIYs I’m featuring from Colleen’s blog, and you must check out both. She is SO talented! I especially love the little legs on this guy.

DIY live edge desk

6. Shelving Unit for a DIY Murphy Bed by Me

When we build our DIY murphy bed, I knew I wanted to attach a shelving unit to it to make it more like a built in. It looks so good and really completes the build.

It also provides a lot of functional storage space (including the cubby on the bottom with easy-to-reach toys for Ramona). And it looks good when the bed is closed, too.

diy murphy bed
DIY murphy bed

7. Midcentury Modern DIY Platform Bed from Southern Revivals

I remember when I saw this build for the first time on the Southern Revivals feed. If I ever build a bed, I’m building this one. I absolutely love it! It’s very sleek.

Right now we have a raised wire bed frame from years ago when we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment and needed the extra storage space. What an upgrade this would be. Beautiful headboard, too.

DIY midcentury modern platform bed

8. Scandi-Style DIY House Bed by Houseologie 

Gotta tell you guys…Leigh Anne is the best 🙂 I remember seeing this bed before I ever even “met” her through the Interwebs. I love her style, and I LOVE this cute bed! Definitely want to make Ramona something similar when she ages up to a big girl bed.

DIY scandi-style house bed

9. DIY Bench With Storage Compartments by Sawdust Sisters

This build is modeled after the Nornas line at Ikea—a line I’ve ogled when I’m having a leisurely stroll around Ikea. It looks a lot like the real thing.

In fact, if I hadn’t of known it was a DIY, you could have told me it was an Ikea original and I’d have believed you.

DIY bench with storage compartments

10. Bedroom Storage Unit by House by the Bay

I love how this build maximizes a small space. It even includes a tilt-out compartment for a laundry hamper. Well done!

DIY bedroom storage unit

11. Shoe Cubby Build Plans by Me

I think this was the second build I made with my KregJig, and we’re still using it in our entryway today. It’s incredibly useful and helps us corral the shoes at the front door.

If I could re-do this, I’d probably make it a bit deeper and add a bunch. But for now it’s very functional for us, and we just sit on the stairs to put on shoes if we need to.

DIY shoe cubby in an entryway

12. Under-the-Stairs Shelving by Me

Do you think I’m crazy for having this much paint? 🙂 Well at least is has a nice custom home now. I love maximizing space in small areas, and this is a great example of that.

DIY craft paint storage shelving

13. DIY Modern Wall Hooks by Sawdust Sisters

Very cute! Much better than just slapping a few hooks up on a wall.

DIY modern wall hooks

14. Apothecary Console Table by Lazy Guy DIY

Apothecary tables are always fun, and this one turned out beautifully. I can’t help but think I need one to organize all of my little crafting supplies that are so hard to keep track of…

I also can’t believe this is a build. When I first saw it, I thought it would just be a paint flip project. Can you believe Adam built this from scratch?

DIY Apothecary Console Table

15. Rustic-Industrial Shelving Unit by Love Create Celebrate

This build is a great size for any room and incorporates some beautiful steel accents.

DIY rustic-industrial shelving

16. Dollhouse Bookcase by Me

Ah, dollhouse bookcase, I love you. (And Ramona agrees.) I think this is the perfect height for a little explorer to interact with, too.

As far as Kreg Jig project plans go, this is my favorite. At least out of what I’ve done. It just turned out so great.

an adorable DIY dollhouse bookcase

16. Breakfast Bar With Pipe Supports from Shark Tails

Cute, easy, and lovely. Could be done without a KregJig, but the pocket holes make joining wood boards together so easy (and secure)

DIY breakfast bar with pipe supports

18. Chunky Outdoor Dining Table by Me

A modern spin on a more traditional picnic table. We originally had this table downstairs on the bottom deck in our backyard, but we turned that in to more of a lounge space.

Now we have it up on the top deck, which we haven’t really done anything with. However, it’s right by the kitchen, so the placement makes sense.

DIY chunky outdoor dining table

19. Live Edge Dining Table by Lemon Thistle

I am dying to try a DIY like this. Colleen walks you through the entire step-by-step tutorial for her live edge table dining room table, and it is GORGEOUS

DIY live edge dining table

20. Dining Room Table by Shark Tails

As someone in the comments on the original project post said, “Allison you are amazing at everything you do????” And I have to concur. Allison is amazing at everything she does. She is also hilarious and loves her dogs. Top quality person. Check out her full dining room post here too.

DIY modern dining room table

21. DIY Modern Step Stool by Brepurposed

This cute modern step stool would be a great beginner project for getting your feet wet working with pocket holes.

Also a great project for little ones to be able to reach the sink.

modern DIY step stool for kids

22. 2×4 Indoor/Outdoor Bench by Anika’s DIY Life

Anika’s website is full of awesome free build plans, and this is one of her most popular. Check out her library of plans to keep you busy.

2x4 indoor bench build

23. HVAC Unit Screen by Me

The perfect way to hide blemishes in our small backyard. I love this project, and other than the staining and finishing time, it was quick and easy.

This screen is only two sides, and it slides out of place. I mention that because I get a lot of questions about what we’d do if we needed to access the HVAC unit.

DIY slatted HVAC unit screen

24. Outdoor X-Leg Patio Table With Pipe Trestle by Lemon Thistle

Stunning job on this one. I love the added pipe trestle. It makes it a unique build, and I love the stain color.

DIY outdoor X-leg patio table

25. Outdoor Concrete Paver Coffee Table by Me

The pavers that make the top of this table are HEAVY, so the added support of pocket hole joinery on the base is essential. This table definitely got a workout last summer, and it was cheap to make.

DIY outdoor coffee table made using pavers

26. Outdoor Concrete Paver Side Table by Me

And, of course, a matching side table 😉

concrete paver outdoor side table

27. Deck Railing Planter by Me

A quick and easy project to dress up your deck railing. This would be another good beginner project. No crazy angles or cuts, but a beautiful finished product.

You could also adapt this project for a window planter box, too.

DIY deck railing planter

28. Simple Two-Level Workbench by Me

This was the very first project I used my KregJig on about 2.5 years ago when we moved in. Look at it sitting there on the workbench, so young, so unused. It’s still going strong now, as is the workbench. Although both are a lot dirtier now, ha.

You can also see a post about how to drive pocket holes in small spaces, which comes in handy on some projects.

DIY two-level garage workbench

29. Countertop for a Laundry Room by Lemon Thistle

A simple way to create more functional space in a laundry room. I dream of having a laundry room instead of a laundry closet!

DIY countertop for a laundry room

30. DIY Hanging Wine Storage by Saws on Skates

And last but not least, this one blew me away. I love it! It looks very stylish while also being practical. Plus I’m always a fan of getting stuff up off of tables to help things feel less cluttered.

DIY hanging wine storage

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