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How to Fix an Uneven Chair Leg on a DIY Project

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This post shares a quick tip about how to fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project. It’s quick and easy process that just takes a few minutes and uses scrap wood. If it works for you, it will save you some time by not having to take the piece apart to level the legs!

How to Fix an Uneven Chair Leg on a DIY Project

I’m sharing a quick tip today about how to fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project! Because nothing is more frustrating than precisely measuring and cutting all of your pieces, assembling the project, and then finding that there is just a *slight* wobble. Ugh.

fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project

This is the project that happened to me on. A modern outdoor kids table and matching chairs. This was my first project working with angled legs on the table and chairs, so I half expecting it to be a bit of a disaster.

Luckily it wasn’t even a bit of a disaster. I just had a slight wobble on one of the chairs once it was constructed. Nothing terrible, but enough to be annoying.

So here’s how I leveled the legs.

(Safety first! Remember to wear a mask and eye protection while cutting and sanding wood. Do not use any tools without proper training, precautions, and/or supervision. Read my full terms of use here.)

Step 1: Measure and cut pieces, drill pocket holes

So at first my plan was to do two storage levels: one for a little containers that we’re beginning to collect stickers in, and one for a fabric storage cube to match the desk. Once I got this together with clamps to eyeball it, I decided to run with it. So I drilled pocket holes (placement in a bit) and assembled everything.

However, once I got it assembled and brought it upstairs, I realized that it would be too high for Ramona’s current height. I measured, but I kind of suck at visualizing things and understanding how everything is going to go together. Alas, I wasn’t about to lose this project, so I decided to run with just one storage spot. Let’s pick up there.

The legs on these little chairs are made of 2×2 pine. The legs are cut at a 10 degree angle. Here’s what they looked like after I’d put the little chair together.

fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project

Pretty and clean. However, the chair had just the tiniest bit of a wobble when I flipped it over. I had measured and marked exactly, evening comparing the legs after cutting to ensure they were exactly the same length. However, things can shift a bit when you finish assembling everything.

So, instead of losing my sh!t, which is honestly what I wanted to do because my patience is usually always running thin at the very end of a project, I brainstormed. I didn’t want to cut the legs any shorter.

Luckily I had just a bit of scrap 2×2 wood left over, so I cut a few very thin pieces off using my saw. I wasn’t entirely sure what thickness I needed, so each piece was slightly different.

fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project

Testing the pieces…

I took each of the pieces and set it on the floor under the uneven leg. Then I tested the wobble. Wahoo! One of them worked perfectly. Once I’d figured out which one was the keeper, I used a small pieces of fine-grit sandpaper to polish the edges.

It already looks great. Even if I were staining this piece, I probably wouldn’t even realize it was on the bottom. However, I knew I’d be painting this with an opaque stain, so I was confident it would blend in anymore.

fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project

I added some wood glue and gentle set the chair down on the ground so the weight of the chair would help to apply a bit of pressure. If you’re paranoid, you can add a few very small nails. However, I have confidence in the wood glue. Maybe too much confidence? Worst case scenario is that the glue won’t hold and I’ll have to reattach the piece. 🙂

fix an uneven chair leg on a DIY project

After painting the chairs, you can’t even tell which leg is the one with the spacer added onto the bottom. And no wobble for the wobbly little toddler who already has a hard time keeping her balance.

Here are a few pics of the chairs and table. Luckily I didn’t have to level off the table. 🙂

small DIY modern toddler chair
small DIY modern toddler chair
small DIY modern toddler chair
small DIY modern toddler chair

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