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How to Get a Faux Suede Finish With Paint

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This post shares a brand new product from Decoart, Americana Suede Paint! If you want to learn how to get a faux suede finish with paint, this project and new product line is for you! DecoArt sponsored this post.

How to Get a Faux Suede Finish With Paint

For my last DecoArt Core Blogger project, I shared a post about how to paint a birdhouse using Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics and Matte Acrylics. Today I am excited to share this month’s cute little project. I painted pots using DecoArt’s brand new Americana Suede Paint, now available at Michaels!

How to Get a Faux Suede Finish With Paint

One of my favorite things about being a DecoArt Core Blogger is that I get to try out new products, which I love. And this paint is no exception. I can safely say I’ve never worked with a paint that could help you achieve a faux-suede finish. This paint is very easy to apply. It’s a lightly textured acrylic that has great coverage (I needed only one coat). And it comes in a great variety of colors.

Terracotta is one of the approved base materials for this paint—so you know I had to see how it looked on a terracotta pot. I can always use another planter in my life for obvious reasons. (See my full guide to painting terracotta pots!)

decoart americana suede paint

And here’s the finished pot!

Looks pretty cute, don’t you think? This is a quick and easy project, too. And the paint has a nice texture to it, so it can even help you cover up minor imperfections in a terracotta pot. Terracotta chips easily, and the ones at the store often have chips already. Especially if you buy the cheaper ones at hardware stores.

To see the full tutorial for using this paint, including my tips for getting great coverage and a polished final product, head on over to the DecoArt blog! And make sure to check out all of the other suede paint projects rolling out this and next month!

How to Get a Faux Suede Finish With Paint

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How to Get a Faux Suede Finish With Paint

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