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Emy from Semigloss Design (The Creative Hot Seat #1)

This post shares my first iteration of a new venture I’m undertaking: The Creative Hot Seat! I’ll be interviewing wonderful makers from around the web, and today my first feature is Emy from Semigloss Design. Enjoy.

Hey gang, surprise! I’m starting something new. I’m calling it The Creative Hot Seat, and I’ll be using it to profile awesome bloggers, makers, and creators in general. I wanted a way to network and connect with others in the online creative community while also spotlighting and promoting people I love following. 

It’s gotten so hard to get your name out there in the creative world, especially cutting through the noise on Instagram, getting your content seen online, and really getting to know the people behind the great blogs and creations you see when you’re scrolling or clicking around. The Creative Hot Seat will be my little part to help. 

Emy from Semigloss Design

For the first profile, I’m spotlighting my friend Emily (or Emy, as I call her in my head) from Semigloss Design, where her tagline is “fun, bold, vintage.” Emy and I met through blogging, but it turns out we actually live in the same city. Small world 🙂 

I’m so glad that Emy agreed to be the first profile, and I’m thankful for her patience as I figure out exactly how I want to do these profiles. I am sure they will be a work in progress, and Emy’s is my first stab. THANK YOU, EMY! So without further ado, let’s jump in.

Introducing Emy from Semigloss Design

Emily (or Emy, as she goes by) has been creating since she was young. When she got married, she and her husband couldn’t afford to buy a lot of new furniture or to hire out jobs, so they started teaching themselves how to do things to improve their home. She’s originally started a blog in 2004 to share the projects they were doing around their home but took a seven-year break when she developed postpartum depression after having her daughter. 

Emy from Semigloss Design

I can relate so hard to this. I don’t talk about it much, but I suffered from some pretty severe mental health issues while I was pregnant and ended up putting my blog into retirement until a few months after Ramona was born. Life’s phases can be tough. Fastword to 2016 when Emy started her current blog—Semigloss Design—to document the progress they’re making on their current home. So let’s jump in to some Q&A.

5 Questions With Emy from Semigloss Design

1. Why did you start Semigloss Design?

I wanted to share my house projects and knowledge gained from those projects. My friends always ask me questions about how to do things, so I figured I could help even more people with a blog. 

2. What do you love most about making?

I love making stuff that is completely “me.” It’s so much fun to customize a project to meet your exact needs. But it’s also a need and I feel weird if I go too long without making something. (Brittany’s note: I can relate. I call it DIY or craft therapy.)

gold foil candle holders

3. Have you ever had a project go south?

I’ve made so many mistakes along the way and I try to be very open about them. One of my earliest posts was about grouting a backsplash and how to fix it if you let the grout sit too long. It’s one of my most popular posts because I’ve shared what not to do. 

My current fail is my deck. Every single thing is going wrong that can. Two power washers have failed, same with 2 sanders. It’s like this project is not supposed to happen. So we’re taking a break from it for now.

4. Through Semigloss Design, have you had any community involvement or advocated for issues that are important to you?

A few years ago, I joined a few other local bloggers to decorate a Christmas tree for a shelter. I’m hoping to find more opportunities in the future. 

Emy from Semigloss Design

5. Your 3 favorite Semigloss Design projects—what are they?

DIY Aqua-Stained Concrete Floor

My aqua concrete floor is a favorite. I’ve always wanted to try stained concrete. The staining part was easy, but the tile removal was rough. We resurfaced a plywood subfloor with concrete, knowing all along that it might fail and that an aqua floor is not a safe choice for re-sale value. But it still looks great and is one of my favorite projects ever. I’m glad that we took a chance. It makes me smile every time I walk into my sunroom. 

(Brittany’s note: For those of you who aren’t fans of bold colors—hey, I get it—Emy’s detailed tutorial on staining concrete for beginners will tell you everything you need to know about staining concrete any color. She’s got a ton of helpful tips.)

stained concrete floor

Retro Resin DIY Coffee Table

My retro resin coffee table is another fave of mine. It was a super simple build (just cutting wood to shape and attaching hairpin legs), but I really love the finish. I used stencils and epoxy to get a fun retro look. Vintage style is my favorite, and I love recreating the look when I can’t find what I want. 

retro resin coffee table

Canopy Bed Frame Build for a Tween Room

This canopy bed build is a recent project that I completed for the One Room Challenge. My 11-year-old daughter wanted a canopy bed, so I designed one and we made it. It was my first collaboration with my 15-year-old son, who is learning SketchUp. I drew it out (badly) and he took my scribbles and made it into something. 

The building process took three people because it’s so heavy. It was already impressive, but then I decided to stencil it to look like a discontinued Anthropologie bed that I had pinned. I used a DIY stencil. It took forever and my arms were so tired. But it was all worth it for the look on my daughter’s face. I think it even surpassed her expectations. 

(Brittany’s note: I love canopy beds, but I might love the ombre wall Emy painted behind the bed even more! Also in this room? A beautiful purple galaxy wall mural. In the bed build post, Emy also shared tips about working with Bondo to fill imperfections in wood. You can see the full room here. It’s a freaking amazing tween room.)

Emy from Semigloss Design

Make sure to visit Emy’s blog Semigloss Design and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Emy from Semigloss Design
  1. Cassie says:

    Love Emy and was stoked to read her interview. That bed she created is incredible!! I loved the Christmas tree project too- I got to do it with her! And I think DOzy and creativity are what help me most as well, along with exercise.

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