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Photographing Interiors and Products Part 8: Adobe Lightroom Workflow

This is part 8 of my Photographing Interiors and Products series. This series is designed to help you get your DSLR camera off automatic mode and start taking beautiful photos! Part 8 focuses on editing interior and product photos in Lightroom. This post contains affiliate links, which helps me provide great free content for you all! You can read more about that here. Thank you!

Editing interior and product photos in Lightroom

Alright guys, welcome to the last part of my eight-part Photography Products and Interiors series! Today I’m focusing on editing and processing, specifically my Adobe Lightroom workflow. There are many ways that you can edit and process your photos, but I use and highly recommend Lightroom, so that’s what my tutorials focus on 🙂

graphic about photographing products and interiors part 8 editing and processing

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Since explaining the steps I take in Lightroom would be tedious and kind of confusing, especially if you’re a visual learner like I am, I’ve recorded four videos that each focus on the following: editing a good interior photo, editing a dark/discolored interior photo, editing a product photo, and editing a flat lay photo.

Keep in mind that many of the steps I take when editing and processing my photos are stylistic preferences. Feel free to incorporate what you like and ditch the rest! I just hope you find at least some of it useful. Also keep in mind that every photo is a little different, and I might not do these things (or I might use some of Lightroom’s more advanced functionality) to photos sometimes.

Editing a Good Interior Photo in Lightroom

Here is a video of the steps I took to edit a good interior photo in Lightroom. What I mean by a “good” interior photo is one that you got mostly right when shooting but want to polish to perfection or just edit to tidy it up.


And here are the before and after shots:

living room with a gray couch
living room with a gray couch

Editing a Dark/Discolored Interior Photo in Lightroom

For the second video, I’m tackling a dark or discolored interior photo. Because let’s face it—favorable lighting conditions aren’t always an option. Even when you shoot with a tripod and remote, you can still end up with a photo you want to brighten up. Here’s an example of what I might do to work on the photo.


And here are the before and after shots:

baby nursery
bright beautiful baby nursery

Editing a Product Photo in Lightroom

The third video is more about product photography. I’m staging my item using the white paper and reflector method outlined in part 7. This one is a fairly easy edit because it’s a simple image that already has great exposure. Here it’s more about cleaning up stray things and sharpening the item. Here are the steps I took:


And here are the before and after shots:

black ceramic bear on a white paper
black ceramic bear on a white paper

Editing a Flat Lay Photo in Lightroom

And the final video is about how I edit a flat lay photo in Lightroom. The steps here are very similar to the previous video: lots of cleaning up, sharpening, and working on some details. Here are the steps I took.


And here are the before and after shots:

overhead image of dried orange slice ornaments
overhead image of dried orange slice ornaments

Alright folks, well that’s a wrap! I’ve linked all of the other parts of this series below if you missed any or want to refer back to them. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something that will help you take your interior or product photography to the next level 🙂


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