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Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

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This post shares 30 easy sewing projects for beginners! From pillow covers to laptop sleeves, eye masks, glasses cases, and more, these easy sewing projects are the perfect place to start if you want to learn how to sew!

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Today I’m sharing a roundup of easy sewing projects for beginners! Because everyone has to start somewhere, right? 🙂 If you’ve been wanting to learn how to sew but are intimidated trying to figure out where to start, you’re in the right place. I recommend checking out my friend Lindsay’s post about getting to know your sewing machine first.

Then, mosey back over here to check out this list of beginner projects. Many are mine, and I’m also including some great projects from other bloggers. If you’re an experienced sewer, there are also a lot of great projects in this roundup that you can use for smaller fabric scraps! Something for everyone. So let’s get started.

Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

1. Envelope Laptop Sleeve Sewing Project for Beginners

My easy DIY envelope laptop sleeve is a great beginner project. I sewed this a few years ago, and since it was before I’d gotten good at sewing zippers, I used hook-and-loop for the closure. Otherwise, it’s just sewing in a bunch of straight lines and adding some padding in!

sew an easy DIY laptop sleeve

2. Sew an Easy Pencil Case with Zipper

Speaking of zippers, this tutorial for an easy-to-sew pencil case with zipper from Sustain My Craft Habit is a great beginner zipper project. It’s also practical. You could use this tutorial to make a makeup bag as well—or any kind of bag that requires a zipper.

sew a fabric pencil case for beginners

3. Sew a Pencil Case with Lining

And here’s another DIY pencil case options. This DIY pencil case with lining from The DIY Dreamer is similar, but it includes a liner. I also absolutely love the fabric she used for these!

black cactus print fabric zippered pouch with headphones

4. Sew an Easy 15-Minute Sunglasses Case

This tutorial for a 15-minute DIY sunglasses case from Glue Sticks Blog is a fantastic beginner sewing project. And it’s also a great project for smaller fabric scraps! You could also add a zipper or folder-over envelope closure.

fabric sunglasses case with sunglasses beginner sewing project

5. How to Sew an Easy Eyeglasses Case

This cute soft DIY eyeglass cases from Scattered thoughts of a Crafty Mom are a similar project. Also great for beginner sewers and fabric scraps! This tutorial includes a drawstring on one side of the eyeglasses sleeve to keep the glasses from falling out.

easy to sew 3 colorful glass cases made from fabric

6. Double-Sided Tissue Holder Sewing Project for Beginners

A double-sided tissue holder perfect for cold and flu season from Glue Sticks Blog is a genius way to make great use of smaller fabric pieces! If you use reusable cloth instead of tissues, this could also be a great way to store those.

fabric tissue holder sewing project for beginners

7. Sew a Simple DIY Purse

A simple purse from a $4 placemat? Yep—Heathered Nest did it! She’s sharing the tutorial for how she flipped a placemat into a clutch-style purse. Including a tassel, because why not?

purse made from a placement beginner sewing project

8. Quick and Easy Tote Bag Sewing Project for Beginners

Reusable bags are a staple of every home now. Learn how to sew an easy tote bag in just 10 minutes from Vicky Myers Creations. Customize it however you want—and make them for friends!

easy to sew tote bag in 10 minutes

9. Triplet Tote Bag Sewing Project

Now this takes sewing a reusable tote bag up a notch. Learn how to sew a tote bag with 3 sections from The DIY Dreamer. The three different sections help you keep track of things and keep your bag organized. Because we all know a bag is only as good as it’s ability to help you keep things organized.

triple layer tote bag beginner sewing project

10. Easy Wine Bottle Tote Bag Sewing Project

This is a cute idea. I hate the idea of throwing away those paper wine bottle gift bags. This wine bottle tote bag tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom is a great way to create a reusable wine bottle gift bag that can be used over and over. Also…perfect size for scraps, too!

teal zig zag patterned wine tote beginner sewing project

11. Easy DIY Zipper Throw Pillow Cover Project

I shared a tutorial about how to sew a pillow cover with a zipper last year. Our faux fur throw pillows had just been washed too many times, and they weren’t looking cute anymore. I decided to put them to better use by making removable easy DIY zipper throw pillow covers, and they turned out great!

Easy DIY Zipper Throw Pillow Cover  beginner sewing project

12. Sew a Pillow Cover from a Shower Curtain

Another great upcycle. This tutorial for how to make a pillow cover using a shower curtain from Savvy Apron is fantastic! I love using unexpected materials for things. I love the patterns on these fabrics, too. I’d definitely reuse Ramona’s shower curtain for something else in the future!

sew gray pillows made from shower curtains

13. Sew Throw Pillows Using a Double Sided Placemat

We’ve already seen placemats upcycled into purses in this post…how about a tutorial for the easiest pillow using a double sided placemat from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia?

Red diamond pattern pillow made from a placemat beginner sewing project

14. Easy Pen Holder Bookmark Sewing Project for Beginners

My friend Danielle from DIY Danielle shared this creative bookmark idea sewing project. It’s not just a fabric bookmark—it has a spot for a pencil or pen sewn in! Never lose a pen again. Superman fabric optional. 🙂

easy to sew fabric bookmark

15. Sew Easy Tea Bag Drawer Sachets

I absolutely love these pretty DIY tea bag drawer sachets from Dukes and Duchesses. A gorgeous use of fabric scraps. These could be perfect for fresh lavender or rosemary from the garden, too.

fabric sachets in colorful patterns sewing project

16. Sew an Easy DIY Rice Heating Pad

Upgrade your impromptu rice heating pad sock by learning how to make a rice heating pad with lavender from First Day of Home. As a bonus—the heart shape is a cute addition!

Heart shaped heating pads with rice beginner sewing project

17. Sew a DIY Sleepy Eye Mask

Catch some extra zzz’s with this cute DIY sleepy eye mask from Lovely Indeed. It’d also be nice to add a pocket in the mask for some cold packs, too! Looking at you, under-eye bags.

light blue sleep mask with fabric eyelashes beginner sewing project

18. Sewing Quick and Easy Burp Cloths

Learn how to sew quick and easy burp cloths with my tutorial! I made these burp cloths for my friend a few years ago—and then I made a bunch more when I had my daughter! You can see them folded up in her nursery drawer. They have an absorbent layer in the middle, which is great for this juicy baby burps. (Sorry.)

Sew Quick & Easy Burp Clothes

19. Sew an Easy Double-Sided Baby Blanket

Perhaps my favorite of the easy sewing projects for beginners. I made this super soft DIY double-sided baby blanket for another friend a few years ago, and I’ve enjoyed making them for all of my friends since then! When I had my daughter, I also made one with thick batting between the two fabric layers and used it as a washable play mat.

easy to sew beginner baby blanket project

20. Easy-to-Sew Pajama Pants Beginners Project

This easy-to-sew pajama pant kit from Rachel Teodoro would be a fun sewing project to do with a kid who is learning how to sew. Then they can wear the pants!

sewing kit for making kids pjs

21. Beginner Projects to Sew for a Baby Nursery

I knew I had to include this post about easy beginner sewing projects for a baby nursery from Charleston Crafted because I love the cute rainbow cloud and booties! There are so many things you can sew when you’re expecting a new baby—and a lot of them would make great gifts, too.

collection of easy projects to sew for a baby's room

22. Easy-to-Sew Fleece Pillow Cases

Learn how to make a pillowcase in 3 steps out of fleece from Glue Sticks Blog. I actually made something very similar to these when Ramona transitioned to a toddler cot at daycare. One cut of fleece makes a great blanket (no sewing, either, since it doesn’t fray). Then I made a simple pillow case like this one for her toddler-sized pillow.

easy to sew kids pillowcases

23. Sew DIY Felt Play Food for Kids

My friend Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus has an awesome tutorial for how to sew DIY felt play food for kids…and they turned out SO cute! They look very professional. And, bonus, you can wash them.

Sew DIY Felt Play Food for Kids

24. Sew a Beginner’s Simple Knit Skirt

I sewed this simple knit skirt with wide elastic waist band a few years ago. It was the first piece of clothing I made that I would actually leave the house in, haha. That tells you how easy it is!

easy to sew circle skirt with elastic waistband for beginners

25. How to Add pockets to a skirt

Want to take your skirt up to the next level? Easy. Just add pockets! My friend Lindsay at Shrimp Salad Circus has a great tutorial on how to add pockets to skirts. Check it out!

How to Add pockets to a skirt

26. Easy DIY Wrap Cardigan Sewing Project for Beginners

Here’s another simple item of clothing you can sew. My versatile DIY wrap cardigan can be made in about an hour. I have kept mine at my desk at work for years as my backup shawl. Temperatures in offices are so unpredictable, so this is perfect!

easy to sew cardigan wrap for beginners

27. Sew a Beginner’s Easy Infinity Scarf

Shrimp Salad Circus’s tutorial about how to sew an easy DIY infinity scarf would be another great addition to your it’s-ungodly-cold-in-my-office stash. So stupidly easy it hurts!

Sew a Beginner's Easy Infinity Scarf

28. Sew a simple Bridal Veil with Comb

My tutorial about how to sew a simple bridal veil with a comb is one of my most popular posts. I made my own wedding veil, and you can, too! It’s SO easy if you don’t want anything super fancy or detailed, which I didn’t. I also share tips on the different kinds of tulle you can use.

easy to sew bridal veil with comb

29. Beginner Tutorial for How to Sew a Scrunchie 3 Ways

This post on how to sew DIY scrunchies 3 different ways from Sustain My Craft Habit is a fun post to do with a kid learning how to sew, too. Or you can sew scrunchies for yourself, I’m not here to judge! Check out the easy tutoriuals!

easy to sew polka dot hair scrunchie project

30. Sew a Turban Headband

And one last sewing tutorial from Lindsay at Shrimp Salad Circus—she is the best! Her tutorial on how to sew a turban headband explains the whole process, as well as some tips for newbies sewing knit fabrics.

Sew a DIY Turban Headband

Pin these 30 easy sewing projects for beginners!

easy sewing projects for beginners
easy sewing projects for beginners
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