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Easy DIY Planters (Made in Under 2 Hours!)

Today I’m sharing a quick roundup of easy DIY planters that can be made in two hours or less.

More planters? What? Is this the planter blog now? Well, kind of. This month’s At Home DIY theme was 2 hour DIYs, and planters are the perfect thing to make in 2 hours or less! In fact, my project for this month’s challenge was a hanging planter, which I’ve included in the roundup below.

There were a few other planters from some of the other participants, so I’m going to be sharing those. I’m also going to be including some of my own quick planter projects peppered throughout. I hope you find something that inspires you to get creative this afternoon.

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10 Easy DIY Planters You Can Make in Under 2 Hours

Below is an assortment of 10 easy DIY planters that you can make in under two hours. Many can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they are affordable to make. Happy planting!

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collage of planters that says 10 easy make-in-a-day planters

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