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Nursery Tour #2: D.R. Snell Nursery in Mt. Airy, Maryland

Planning a trip to Frederick, Maryland? D.R. Snell nursery is a nearby hem that is worth a visit! They have a wonderful selection of houseplants and other plant- and gardening-related supplies.

Nursery Tour #2: D.R. Snell Nursery in Mt. Airy, Maryland

Hey guys! Today I am finally sharing the second nursery/plant shop tour for you guys. (First one was Take Root Plants in Frederick, MD.) If you’re in the DC Metro area, I’m going to be trying to do these for nurseries and plant shops I love. Keep in mind that these will be focusing on houseplants—so these nurseries have a ton of other stuff to offer, but I’ll be reviewing my experience with mostly houseplants.

I often see people commenting in plant Facebook groups saying things like, “I’m headed to X city, what are the good nurseries to visit for houseplants?” I want to have good recommendations other than just blabbering on about where I shop!

Ultimately I’d love to have a “nursery hopping” map of nurseries in the area where you can take a whole day and essentially do a nursery tour of the area…but we’ll see if I ever get to that, lol. I’m only on my second nursery tour post, so give me some time 🙂

Today I am sharing my experience with the houseplant selection at D.R. Snell Nursery in Mt. Airy, Maryland. If you’re from the Maryland area, you have probably heard of D.R. Snell Nursery. It’s conveniently located right off of I-70, so if you’re coming from anywhere east or west of Mt. Airy, it’s super easy to get to! (Looking at you, Baltimore area people!)

beautiful plants in a nursery
beautiful succulents in a nursery

About D.R. Snell nursery

D.R. Snell, or “Snell’s,” as I often hear people refer to it, is a full-service garden center that has been in business for over 30 years. Everyone I have met there has been really friendly and helpful. There is often a lovely woman at the register with a little bird sitting on her shoulder 🙂

D.R. Snell is a big nursery with a huge selection of the normal garden center stuff. Including good handmade soaps, lotions, and other plant- and garden-adjacent things. I always enjoy browsing through stuff like this, especially if it’s locally made!

The nursery has a massive outdoor section for shrubs, annuals, perennials, etc. As far as houseplants go, I didn’t really know what to expect my first time there. Sometimes full-service nurseries trend more toward landscaping and gardening, not houseplants.

But their house plant selection is fabulous! I have visited this nursery three or four times throughout different times of year. Every nursery has a bit slimmer of a selection in the winter, but I have found Snell’s to have a great house plant selection year round.

pictures of displays at D.R. Snell nursery

What houseplants can I find at D.R. Snell nursery?

I haven’t noticed anything particularly rare or trendy at D.R. Snell (think variegated monsteras, rare hoyas, etc.). However, they have a fantastic collection of beautiful, health staple houseplants, as well as moderately hard-to-find plants.

For example, the first time I visited, they had a wide variety of sansevieria plants that were correctly labeled with varieties. (It is so annoying when nurseries don’t label plants. I expect that from Home Depot, not a nursery!) I picked up an absolutely stunning Sansevieria Trifasciata Robusta from them, and they also had some gorgeous moonshines.

I also found a large ric rac cactus here—the first time I had ever seen one locally. My mom loved mine, so I decided to get them one when I saw it. It was a great price, too—comparable to what I paid for mine on Etsy. I noticed a fantastic collection of succulents at D.R. Snell, too, and they were priced very fairly.

In the back greenhouse both of the times I’ve been there, they have had some HUGE potted houseplants, too. If you’re looking for something big, make sure you check all of the greenhouses! Check out this picture of Ramona last year with a big fiddle leaf fig (ficus lyrata)

toddler under a huge fiddle leaf fig tree
large trailing calico kitten succulent basket
Gorgeous trailing calico kitten succulent plant

Other plants I’ve gotten from D.R. Snell…

Other plants I’ve gotten from D.R. Snell that I absolutely love—I recently got a variegated string of pearls there for a jaw-dropping $4.99. Amazing! I have never seen one locally, and they always seem to be selling for much more online. I was so excited to find one.

I also got my huge tradescantia nanouk from Snell’s. When I say that I gasped…I am not kidding. I have never seen a nanouk this big, healthy, and full. And for only $29.99! Wow! What a find. It was the only one there, and I grabbed it so fast. I can’t wait to get it out on my patio.

large trailing tradescantia nanouk basket
display of snake plants at D.R. snell nursery
variegated string of pearls at D.R. Snell nursery

Other plant odds and ends at D.R. Snell nursery

D.R. Snell had a great selection of houseplant essentials, too. Soil and soil amendments—pretty much everything you need. Lots of different pest control options and an informed staff to help you get to the bottom of things.
They also have a huge selection of pots and planters. Hanging planters, floor pots, and desktop/shelf-sized pots. So you can find a new home for your new plant while you’re there.

display of planter pots at D.R. Snell nursery

A few other D.R. snaps I took…

I took a couple of other snaps of some of their gorgeous selection to show you a bit more about what you can find there. When I first walked in, I saw the most stunning Philodendron Birkin I have ever seen. It was out of my price range, but I honestly don’t need another Birkin anyway lol). So big and highly variegated.

They were also stocked with full hanging baskets of string of turtles (peperomia prostrata) that were very fairly priced. And some of the biggest calico kitten succulent baskets I have ever seen. I had to pry one out of my hands since I was already walking out with a nanouk basket!

When I can, I like to buy houseplant staples from nurseries, too. Their philodendron brasils looked really healthy, and they had a good selection of ferns, labeled pothos varieties, other philodendrons, elephant ears, and more.

beautiful philodendron birkin
beautiful philodendron birkin leaf
beautiful plants on display at D.R. Snell nursery

And the prices?

I have mentioned it throughout this post, but I will round it all up here—the prices are fair. When you buy from a nursery, you have to know that you’ll be spending a bit more on your houseplants. However, when you buy from a nursery, you’re almost always getting a better selection and a healthier plant. And you’re supporting a local business.

That said, I think the prices were actually really good compared to other similar nurseries. Plant pricing can be tricky for nurseries that have been in business forever. I have noticed some of them hiking prices up to seize the opportunity of increased demand for houseplants. But I haven’t noticed that here—and that will keep me coming back for sure!

string of turtles plants on display at d.r. snell nursery

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