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Dollar Store Foam Pumpkins: Gaudy to Glam

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This post shares my dollar store foam pumpkins DIY. I used DecoArt Chalky Finish and Metallic paints to take these from gaudy to glam. This post is sponsored by DecoArt.

Painted Dollar Store Foam Pumpkins: Gaudy to Glam

This post shares all about how to paint dollar store foam pumpkins. It’s a cheap and easy DIY that will take your fall decor from gaudy to glam in an afternoon. This post is sponsored by DecoArt.

Painted Dollar Store Foam Pumpkins With DecoArt Paints

Hi all, it’s about that time for another DecoArt Core Blogger post! I’m going projects every other month using DecoArt projects—I love working with DecoArt because I love their products! I tend to get stuck in a DIY rut sometimes, too, so it’s nice that they have so many different paint lines to choose from when I want to try something new.

beautiful painted pumpkins

This month’s project theme was mixing paints from their Chalky Finish line with their Metallics line. I love both, but I haven’t used their Chalky Finish paints in a while. So I was excited to dust off my chalky finish jars and put them to good use.

I was also excited to use the Metallics because this line has one of my favorite metallic colors—Antique Bronze. It’s a lovely high-sheen color that is the perfect amount of gold and bronze without being brassy. And the coverage is great, especially for a metallic paint.

glam painted dollar store pumpkins

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Painting Inexpensive Foam Pumpkins

Since it’s now officially October, I don’t feel bad about sharing fall content. In Maryland is can stay well into the 90s in September, so it doesn’t feel very fall like. It can even stay very warm into October. But October is officially fall in my eyes. So, painted dollar store foam pumpkins it is for this project! 

I took Ramona with me to our nearby dollar store to do some scouting, but you can replicate this project with any inexpensive pumpkin. Check thrift stores! We chose the dollar store because I wanted to get Ramona a pair of $1 sunglasses to replace the ones we lost. Girl loves her sunnies.

Here’s a peek at the before and after shots. <Insert mind blown emoji> I absolutely love how the matte chalky finish colors look next to the metallic bronze. So beautiful, very glam, and a bit moody if I do say so myself. 

dollar store pumpkins
glam painted dollar store pumpkins

For the full tutorial, including all of the colors I used, head on over to the DecoArt blog!

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glam painted pumpkins
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