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DIY Scented Candles

Interested in making DIY scented candles? This roundup shares 25 great DIY candle recipes, including beeswax candles, citronella candles, soy candles, candles scented with essential oils, and more!

DIY Scented Candles: 25 Recipes You Can Make Yourself

I don’t make candles often these days just because I don’t burn many candles with an active and busy toddler in the house. But many years ago, experimenting with candle making was one of my favorite DIYs. Today I’m sharing a roundup of 25 great candle recipes you can make at home for yourself, from beeswax to soy, citronella, scented, and more!

collage that says 25 DIY candle recipes to make at home with pictures of candles

DIY Scented Candles Made with Beeswax

1. Beeswax Candle with Coconut Oil

This is one of the older projects on my blog, so please don’t judge the cringe-worthy writing and bad photos! But post about making beeswax candles with coconut oil is one of my really popular projects. I failed at this project multiple times before I can to a recipe that worked. (Bonus: Learn how to use the leftover candle wax to make wax tarts.)

DIY beeswax candle with coconut oil in mosaic candle holder

2. Cinnamon Scented Beeswax Candles

Another scented beeswax candle recipe you can check out. Tag and Tibby added in cinnamon sticks and used the cutest little wooden bowls for the containers. Love them.

lit candles in wooden bowls

3. Easy Beeswax Candles

This recipe for easy beeswax candles from Happy Mothering uses a recipe similar to what I used and adds in essential oils for additional scent. She also has a handy tip about using cloth spins to stabilize the candle wicks when pouring wax!

DIY beeswax candle in a jar

4. Flowers of Spring DIY Candle

I love reusing things and turning them into planters, but Pink Fortitude turns planters into flowers of spring beeswax candles! The little white planters originally had succulents in them, and turning them into little candles was a great repurpose!

DIY beeswax candles in succulent planter with pink flower details

5. DIY Citrus Candles Out of Lemons

Sustain my Craft Habit made these absolutely adorable citrus candles with beeswax! These would be a really cute addition to an evening summer party or dinner outside. 🙂

DIY beeswax citrus candles in lemon peels

6. Pear Shaped Candle From Beeswax

This awesome tutorial, also from Sustain My Craft Habit, shows you how to make a pear-shaped candle from beeswax. It’s a two-part tutorial and teaches you how to make a pear-shaped mold using silicone first. Then it shows you how to pour the wax to make this unique candle.

Pear shaped beeswax candle

DIY Essential Oil Candles

7. Orange Scented Candles

This orange-scented candle tutorial is another awesome project that shows you how to pour wax into a nearly whole orange that you’ve remove the fruit from.

Orange DIY essential oil candles in orange peels

8. Sea Shell Candles

These sea shell candles made with essential oil are more like tea lights. This tutorial also uses a candle boiling bag, which I’ve never heard of.

DIY essential oil candles in sea shells

9. Candle in a Can Gift Idea

This candle in a can project from Dukes and Duchesses is another amazing way to upcycle an old piece. She talks about ways to remove tops from cans like these without leaving sharp pieces behind.

DIY essential oil candles in vintage maple syrup cans

10. DIY Eucalyptus Essential Oil Candles

Eucalyptus is one of my absolute favorite scents—it’s so refreshing and relaxing. These DIY eucalyptus essential oil candles from the Honeycomb Home is a great candle making tutorial for beginners, too.

DIY eucalyptus essential oil candle with a sprig of greenery tied to the jar

11. Layered Jar Citrus Essential Oil Candle

I love that this tutorial gives a layered look. Simply Stacie’s layered jar citrus essential oil candle tutorial shows you how to set a candle wick in two different-colored wax pours. It definitely adds a look that’s different from just a solid-colored wax look.

layered citrus essential oil candle in a glass jar

12. Orange and Cinnamon Essential Oil Candles

Sustain My Craft Habit’s orange and cinnamon candles are perfect for fall, and how cute is the little twine she wrapped around it. 🙂

orange and cinnamon essential oil candle in a jar with twine wrapped around it

13. Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle

Down Red Bud Drive made the cutest pumpkin spice latte candle…but she took it a step further. Not only did she give this candle the pumpkin spice scent, but she made it in a Starbucks mug! Awesome.

pumpkin spice latte candle in a starbucks mug

DIY Soy Candles

14. Lavender scented Soy Candle

These absolutely gorgeous lavender scented soy candles from Postcards From the Ridge are making me want to get back into candle-making mode. I love the loose lavender sprinkled on the top instead of just using a lavender scent.

DIY soy candle with lavender in a mug

15. Simple DIY Wood Wick Candle

Lydi Out Loud made these simple DIY soy wood wick candles, which is more unique than some of the other candles because they don’t use a traditional wick. I love wood wick candles but have never made one—maybe I need to try out this tutorial!

Soy candle in glass with a wood wick

16. DIY Candle in Granny’s Candy Dish

What an awesome way to put a granny’s candy dish to work doing something new! If you aren’t a candy dish sort of person, why not turn a class container into a candle? House of Hawthornes did just that with a DIY soy candle recipe!

DIY soy candle in vintage amber colored dish

17. DIY Tea Cup Candles

I have made teacup planters, but never candles. These adorable tea cup soy candles from Hearth and Vine will teach you how. I feel like I always see teacups at thrift stores for cheap, too. And there’s something about a teacup that makes everything cute.

DIY soy candles in vintage tea cups

18. Oyster Shell Tea Light Candle

We had seashells earlier in this post, and now we’ve got oyster shell soy tea light candles. Simple Nature Decor Blog uses actual oyster shells and soy candle tax to teach you how to make them.

DIY soy tea light candles in oyster shells

19. Gorgeous Dried Flower and Herb Candles

Pop Shop America made these stunning soy dried flower and herb candles. Otherwise, it’s a pretty straightforward candle tutorial. Even though the dried flowers and herbs are a simple addition, they add so much to the look of the candles.

DIY soy candle with dried flowers

20. DIY Scented Soy Candles

Decor Hint made these simple and classic scented soy candles using old Yoplait Oui Yogurt Jars—yes, old yogurt jars! The tutorial has really beautiful, clear photography to help walk you through the steps to make your own.

DIY soy candles in jars on a mantle

DIY Mason Jar Candles

21. Pressed Flower Mason Jar Candles

Dried and pressed lavender flowers are such a beautiful addition to these flower mason jar candles from Hearth and Vine. Her tutorial uses soy wax flakes.

pressed flowers in mason jar candles

22. Homemade Soy Candles in Mason Jars

Another option for homemade soy candles in mason jars—To Simply Inspire made several different scent options for her candle tutorial.

DIY soy candles in mason jars

23. Aromatherapy Candles

Lighting these DIY aromatherapy candles from Craft Bits would be a great way to relax after a long day. And as a bonus—they use wood wicks!

DIY aromatherapy candle in mason jar

DIY Citronella Candles

24. Citronella Jelly Candle

Hate mosquitos? Try a citronella jelly candle. This DIY citronella jelly candle in a mini mason jar from Down Redbud Drive uses candle gel and coloring—both things I’ve never used before!

red and blue DIY citronella candle in a mini mason jar

25. DIY Citronella Candle

And one more DIY citronella candle options, this one from Dukes and Duchesses. It uses an upcycled loaf pan and has room for two wicks!

DIY citronella candle in a loaf pan

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collage that says 25 DIY candle recipes to make this weekend with pictures of candles

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    Hi Brittany – I love all of these fun and creative candle ideas. PINNED! Thank you for including my candle in this beautiful collection. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

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