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How to Make a Table Runner

Learn how to make a table runner. This table runner DIY is an easy way to dress up an outdoor dining space!

How to Make a Table Runner

I decided one night I wanted to make a table runner for the new outdoor table I built, and by 11 AM the next morning, I’d finished it. Because I’m a bit impulsive with projects sometimes. And it was bad weather and I knew I needed something to work on inside while Ramona napped.

How to Make a Table Runner

So I packed R up and we went out to Jo-Ann bright and early. I usually take forever picking out a fabric, but since we were running up against nap time, I chose quickly. This was good and bad. Good because I didn’t waste time being indecisive, bad because I bought the wrong size.

But it was a clearance fabric that I had eyed before—I just didn’t have a project for it. I ended up having to cut the fabric into two pieces to make a runner long enough for my table. If your fabric is long enough for your runner, go ahead and skip to step 3 🙂

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins, scissors
  • Iron, ironing board, starch

And here’s how to make a table runner.

Step 1: Lay out the fabric and mark cuts

First I laid the fabric out and marked where to cut my two pieces out. This was based on the pattern. Since I wanted to pattern to line up when I sewed these two pieces together, I had to be careful.

Cutting the pieces
How to Make a Table Runner

Step 2: Sew two pieces together

Next I sewed the two pieces together and then pressed the seam to one side so the fabric would lay nice and flat. (The second pic below is before pressing.)

I laid the entire piece out on the floor and used a tape measure to lay out how long my table is. Then I trimmed the ends down based on how much of an overhang I wanted for the runner—I decided on about 8 inches.

How to Make a Table Runner
How to Make a Table Runner
measuring pieces on the floor

Step 3: Hem the edges of the runner

This is a fray-riffic fabric, so I folded the edges down using an iron and pinned in place. Then I just used a straight seam to sew in place, removing the pins as I went. Repeat for both long sides.

If you use a fabric that doesn’t fray, you can skip this step. But you’ll need to cut super straight! See the difference between the fraying side and the side I folded down and sewed? Much cleaner!

How to Make a Table Runner
How to Make a Table Runner
hemming the edges

Step 4: Hem the ends

Once both long sides were done, I folded the ends over and repeated the same process. The only difference here is that I folded the ends over twice and them sewed them shut. I wanted to create a thicker finished edge here for the hanging ends.

Give all of the seams a quick press, trim any loose threads, and you’re done!

hemming the ends
How to Make a Table Runner

Here’s the finished piece on the table. I bought the fabric and made the runner before I chose the rug (big mistake) and now think they don’t look that great together. Too busy. I’m still keeping it around, though. Who knows. I might have to get a new rug in the future? (I hope not because I love this one!)

For more easy sewing projects, check out my DIY zippered throw pillow covers, my easy baby blanket tutorial, and how to hem curtains.

How to Make a Table Runner
How to Make a Table Runner

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How to Make a Table Runner

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