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21 Easy DIYs for Clear Ball Christmas Ornaments

This post will share 21 clear Christmas ornament ideas! These DIY ornament ideas are very easy and will help you add a personal touch to your tree this year.

Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas: 21 DIY Ideas

If you’re popping in for the first time today or missed my week-long series of DIY ideas for clear ball Christmas ornaments a few weeks ago, I’m rounding them up today for a second go. Plus I’m adding a bunch of other DIY clear Christmas ornament ideas from some other bloggers.

There’s still time to create some custom ornaments for your tree this year, especially because each of these is easy to make. Most can be done in under 30 minutes, and most use supplies you can easily find at your local craft or grocery store. (Or Amazon if you’re lazy like me.) So let’s run through them!

Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas

1. Glitter-on-the-Inside Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me

These glitter ornaments are so easy but so beautiful. They use floor cleaner (yes, floor cleaner!) to achieve a beautiful glittered effect. Best of all, the glitter is contained on the inside of the ornament, so it doesn’t shed all over your house.

That’s why I call them *almost* no-mess glitter ornaments. You’ll probably make a bit of a mess when you’re creating them because glitter is seriously impossible to contain. But once the ornaments are sealed, the glitter is sealed, too.

Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas DIY glitter ornaments
Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas DIY glitter ornaments
Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas DIY glitter ornaments

2. Easy Red and White Ornaments by Girl Just DIY

These easy red and white ornaments by my friend Toni at Girl Just DIY are really cute and easy to throw together. You could easily customize them by switching up the colors, ribbons, or designs.

Easy Red and White Ornaments

3. DIY Clear Glitter Ornaments by Jennifer Rizzo

These DIY Glitter Ornaments by Jennifer Rizzo are perfect for those of you who like the glitter ornaments, but don’t like glitter that much 😉 They have a cute dipped effect, and the glitter is on the outside of the ornament.

Clear DIY glitter Christmas ornaments

4. Simple Greenery-Themed Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me

These winter-themed ornaments use the kind of clear ball ornament that can be broken in half. I used some paintable fake snow on the inside of these and added pinecones, eucalyptus, and some very fine white glitter.

The faux snow will help the natural materials in the inside stand out while on the tree. I didn’t want them to just blend in to the green tree.

clear Christmas ornament ideas using pinecones
clear Christmas ornament ideas using pinecones
clear Christmas ornament ideas using pinecones

5. Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments by My Wee Abode

These Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments from My Wee Abode use rope and an ombre effect to create a coastal-inspired look. I love how the rope gives these a natural feel. I’d love these left unpainted, even.

Clear glass ornament wrapped in cotton string and painted with blue ombre color

6. Living Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas

Absolutely loving these living Christmas ornaments by Chatfield Court. These would make an amazing hostess gift or takeaway gift from a party.

Clear Christmas ornament with succulent

7. Fabric Wrapped Christmas Ornaments by Two Bees in a Pod

DIY Fabric Wrapped Christmas Ornaments from 2 Bees in a Pod are the perfect way to use up fabric scraps, too. I have some fun fabric I want to try these with this year using modpodge.

Fabric wrapped Christmas ornaments

8. Abstract Alcohol Ink Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me

I have been wanting to try alcohol ink for a while. I was worried about the black coming off as brown, but this stuff is awesome. Super pigmented. I liked the metallic colors, too. I love the abstract graffiti-like patterns the ink made on these ornaments. My favorite is the one in the second pic.

Clear Christmas ornament ideas using alcohol ink
Clear Christmas ornament ideas using alcohol ink
Clear Christmas ornament ideas using alcohol ink

9. Grinch Bath Bomb Clear Ball Ornaments by Shrimp Salad Circus

These Grinch bath bomb ornaments from Shrimp Salad Circus are the absolute best! I love any gift that is consumable (the bath bomb) and reusable (the container for the bath bomb). I’d love to make these as gifts.

Clear Christmas ornaments with bathbombs inside

10. Hand-Lettered Ornaments by Lemon Thistle

My friend Colleen is so good at hand lettering! She customized some simple ornaments using white and gold. If you can’t hand letter (like me…) you can fake it with printable vinyl cut in a brush script.

Clear glass Christmas ornaments handprinted with seasonal words

11. DIY Sea Glass Ornaments by Charleston Crafted

Check out these DIY Sea Glass Ornaments from Charleston Crafted. If you want a coastal vibe, these are perfect. Definitely check out the finish ornaments. If this color isn’t your thing, you could easily swap it out for another.

Sea glass painted clear Christmas ball ornaments

12. Faux Marble Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me

This is not a new technique, but I couldn’t wait to try it. I’m really pleased with how they turned out, too. I used a simple paint pour technique to create a faux marbled effect. Using metallics along with the flat colors also turned out great too.

Faux marble clear christmas ornaments using paint pouring
Faux marble clear christmas ornaments using paint pouring

13. Christmas Ornament Advent Calendar by Shrimp Salad Circus

Another from my friend Shrimp Salad Circus…this Christmas ornament Advent calendar DIY is so cute! The bead adds such a cute touch. I love Lindsay’s style and am already brewing on an Advent calendar idea after seeing this one.

Clear glass ornaments painted with numbers hanging for an advent calendar

14. Texture-Painted Clear Christmas Ornaments

For these ornaments, I used a thick texture paint for the first time. I was worried they’d take forever to try, but the paint is designed to keep its shape and dry in a normal amount of time. What do you think? I think they turned out beautifully.

DIY Texture Ornaments using Americana Decor Texture paint
DIY Texture Ornaments using Americana Decor Texture paint
clear Christmas ornament ideas

15. Red and Silver Marbled Ornaments by At Lane and High

Red and silver marbled ornaments are a beautiful way to add a bit of glamour to your tree while keeping more traditional colors.

Christmas ornaments painted red and silver to give them a marbled look

16. Galaxy and Planet Christmas Ornaments by Shrimp Salad Circus

Another from my pal Lindsay at Shrimp Salad Circus. These cute galaxy and planet Christmas ornaments also use a paint-on-the-inside technique.

Blue painted Christmas ornament

17. Gold-Leafed Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me

Not my first time working with gold leaf—I love it! It’s messy but always beautiful and usually pretty forgiving. I used gold leaf sheets for this project, not liquid gold leaf.

DIY gold leaf ornaments
clear Christmas ornament ideas
DIY gold leaf ornaments

18. Fabric Ornaments You Can Make in Minutes by Kenarry

Another beautiful fabric scrap ornament that you can make in minutes. And what crafter doesn’t have scrap fabric laying around?

Buffalo plaid wrapped Christmas ornament with red ribbon

19. DIY Beach Christmas Ornaments by Charleston Crafted

DIY beach Christmas ornaments are a beautiful way to easily bring some coastal charm to your tree. These ones from my buds at Charleston Crafted are perfect for them—they live right by the beach.

DIY beach christmas ornaments

20. Stovetop Potpourri Clear Christmas Ornament Ideas by me

And last but not least, these stovetop potpourri ornaments do double duty. They look beautiful on your tree, but when you’re ready to use them, you can open them and dump the stovetop potpourri into a pan.

I love using stovetop potpourri in the fall and winter. You can even use scraps, and it makes the house smell amazing.

DIY Stovetop Potpourri Ornaments
clear Christmas ornament ideas
clear Christmas ornament ideas

21. Easy Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments by Chatfield Court

These pretty easy mercury glass Christmas ornaments from Chatfield Court use mirror effect spray paint to achieve a mercury glass effect.

Clear glass Christmas ornament painted to look like mercury glass hanging on a Christmas tree branches

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clear ball ornament ideas

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