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DIY Furniture Ideas For Kids Spaces

Today I’m sharing an amazing roundup of 50 DIY furniture ideas for kids spaces! If you’re new to woodworking, DIY furniture for kids is a good place to start because of the smaller scale. If you’re a more experienced woodworker, why not knock out a quick project? These build plans and ideas are for kids bedrooms, playrooms, and more. Enjoy!

50 Amazing DIY Furniture Ideas for Kids Spaces

Another DIY furniture list post! You guys really seem to love these, so I thought it was time for another. I’ve been doing so many build projects for Ramona over the past year that I thought it would be a good idea to round all of them up into a DIY furniture ideas for kids spaces post.

I’m also including a bunch of amazing builds from around the web—including from some people who are some awesome friends 🙂 This roundup is long…it started out with 65 projects, and I culled it down to 50 to make it a bit more manageable. I couldn’t cut any more than that!

DIY Furniture Ideas for Kids Spaces to Inspire Imagination

The first part of this post focuses on DIY furniture ideas that will help to inspire any kid’s imagination. From play tables to art tables, water sensory tables, and more—there’s surely something on this list for the kiddo in your life.

1. DIY Lego Table with Storage

Kicking this section off with one of my more recent projects, a DIY lego table with storage. The top has base plates, and you can store Legos (or Duplos, in our case) underneath. And, as a bonus, this project also doubles as an art table because it has a removable, reversible topper and a paper dispenser! I share the full build plans

DIY lego table with storage

2. DIY Workbench for Kids

Here’s another fun build I did for Ramona. A DIY kids workbench is a fun way to have her “help” when we’re working on a project. It’s small enough to fit in smaller spaces since we don’t have a dedicated playroom. And since it’s smaller, it’s easier to move around the house to keep her occupied!

DIY workbench for kids

3. DIY Water Sensory Table for Kids

I created this DIY water table for toddlers in partnership with Anika from Anika’s DIY Life. We designed it, she created the build plans, and I built it. My daughter had a BLAST with this throughout the summer. In the fall we decided to clean it, take it in, and fill it with dried beans. It might make a mess, but it keeps her entertained.

DIY water play table for toddlers

4. DIY Floating Desk for Kids

This DIY floating desk by Jessica Wellington Interiors is the perfect cute desk solution for a smaller space. Since it doesn’t hold much weight, you can use pretty shelf brackets to hold it up. I also love the cute filing system on the wall and the hanging cups for organizing.

DIY floating desk for kids spaces

5. DIY Plywood Kid’s Desk

Erin Spain created a beautiful DIY plywood kid’s desk with a stylish look. The hairpin legs and exposed plywood edges make me happy—it’s the approach I took for my modern plywood planter and side table/cat house!

DIY plywood desk for kids spaces

6. DIY Wall-Mounted Drop-Down Desk

Another cute well desk, this wall-mounted drop-down desk with storage by Rain on a Tin Roof turned out gorgeous! I love the different bright colors and the use of the pegboard storage. Best of all, this is perfect for smaller spaces because it can be easily folded up into the wall.

Wall mounted kid's drop down desk for kids spaces

7. Kids DIY Stage with Dress-up Clothes Storage

Another cute project from Rain on a Tin Roof, this DIY kids stage with dress-up clothes storage is perfect if you’ve got the space for a play room. I love the little chandelier, too! So cute and the perfect use of a little nook space.

children's stage with yellow curtains

8. DIY Dress Up Storage Idea for Kids

Another smaller dress-up storage idea, this Ikea Billy bookcase dress up closet, also by Rain on a Tin Roof (her kids are lucky!), is perfect for storage. I also love the little mirror she added on the inside.

Ikea hack DIY dress up closet for kids

9. DIY Kids Craft Table Idea

Unique Creations by Anita made this absolutely adorable kids craft table with a patterned top and a built-in side bin for storage. I also need to know STAT if that zebra bench is also a DIY!

Kids craft table with zebra bench

10. Kids DIY Play Table With Storage

Another DIY kids play table with storage, this one from Rain on a Tin Roof. It’s a pretty piece that would look good in any room. Stylish-looking yet functional—that’s what’s up.

kids play table with storage

11. DIY Make Believe Station Idea

When I was little, I would have LOVED this DIY make believe station Rambling Renovators made for her kids. I know something like this would keep Ramona busy for a while, too. We go to a local play place with these sorts of play stations, and she loves them.

Make believe station with bakery and table

12. DIY Lego Activity Desk with Storage

This repurposed Lego activity desk with storage by Unique Creations by Anita is a great piece—don’t you love what she did to the drawer faces by making them into giant legos? Adorable!

old desk repurposed into a lego table

13. DIY Sandpit Desk Makeover Idea

An old desk repurposed into a sandpit is the perfect way to upcycle a piece you can get off of the Craigslist free section! You could also storage toys in the drawers if you keep them functional.

repurposed desk into a sand pit play box

14. DIY American Girl Dollhouse

American Girl dolls are no joke price wise, so if you’re handy, why not DIY a custom American Girl dollhouse for your kids to play with? The Frugal Homemaker used an old entertainment center—the transformation is crazy good. I love that this one includes real lights, scrapbook paper wallpaper, and actual flooring! And how adorable is that little kitchen area! I now want to make a dollhouse like this.

old entertainment center turned into an American Girl dollhouse

Amazing DIY Bed Ideas for Kids Spaces

15. DIY Over Bed Kids Loft

Jaime Costiglio makes the absolute coolest kids projects, and this DIY over bed kids indoor playhouse is no exception. This is a great way to maximize vertical space for older kids. They can use the top part as a loft area and sleep on the bottom.

DIY Over Bed Kids Loft

16. DIY Platform Bed for Kids (with Storage Cubbies!)

This simple DIY platform bed by Craving Some Creativity is a fantastic options if you want to keep things simple and create some more storage space. The cubbies are sized for standard-size bins.

DIY platform bed with orange and gray camouflage sheets

17. Unique DIY Built in Beds Idea

The Vanderveen House made awesome use of an awkward nook in their boys’ bedroom by designing DIY built in beds with storage. Take a look—not only did they fit two beds in, there’s a desk, too!

Unique DIY Built in Beds Idea

18. DIY Loft Bed with Lego Storage

Jaime Costiglio is just showing off with this one, isn’t she? I love this DIY loft bed with lego storage and workspace. Talk about maximizing space. And if you don’t need lego storage, you could use the storage for literally anything else from art supplies to socks. Awesome project for an older kid!

DIY loft Bed with Lego storage underneath

19. DIY Storage Bed for Kids

This DIY storage bed by That Sweet Tea Life is an interesting approach that has a frame with slats resting on top of a cute dresser and a board up near the top of the bed.

Platform bed made with kitchen cabinets

20. DIY Upholstered Day Bed

I had a day bed when I was younger and I just loved making it feel like a “couch” during the day. This DIY upholstered day bed by Houseful of Handmade is a project I would have absolutely loved when I was little!

DIY upholstered day bed

21. DIY Kids Cabin Bed Idea

Making Manzanita blew me away with this storable DIY kids cabin bed. They did such an awesome job on this, and I love how they left the finish on the roofing pieces natural.

21. DIY Kids Cabin Bed Idea

22. Mountain Mural Idea for a Kids Room

Looking for the painted mountain mural tutorial from the previous project by Making Manzanita? I’m not going to leave you hanging! Here’s how they did it.

mountain mural painted in blues, greens and grays

23. DIY Scandi-Inspired Twin-Sized House for Kids

This scandi-inspired twin-sized house bed is the most recent big build we’ve completed for our daughter. It’s her first official big girl bed, I am obsessed with how it turned out. We used plans from Her Tool Belt on Remodelaholic and made some modifications, including adding a headboard, footboard, safety railings, and an “entrance” to make it suitable for a wiggly two-year-old.

DIY Scandi-Inspired twin-sized House Bed
DIY Scandi-Inspired twin-sized House Bed

24. Club House Loft Bed Build Plans

And just when you think your bed is cool, you see Jaime Costiglio’s DIY club house loft bed. COME ON, JAIME. This turned out so freaking cute!

Club House Loft Bed Build Plans

25. DIY Coastal Bunk Beds for a Beach House

Need to fit a lot of people in a small space? Here’s how to do it in a way that makes you look classy. Jessica Wellington Interiors made these DIY bunk beds to sleep four for their beach house. They turned out fantastic! Now let’s see if four kids will actually sleep in this room. 🙂

Diy coastal bunk room

DIY Ideas for Kids Outdoor Spaces

26. Easy DIY Sandbox or Rock Pit Idea

Our girl loves the DIY sandbox/rock pit/gravel play area we built for her last year. She loved the sand and rock play gardens so much at a local play place that we decided to sacrifice some plant space in our tiny backyard to make something for her at home.

We knocked this project out near the end of the season, so she got to play with it in late summer and well into fall. We also made a removable topper for this that isn’t pictured here.

DIY kids rockbox or sandbox

27. Modern Outdoor Kids Table Build Plans

I built this modern outdoor kids table and little chairs for Ramona last year. This set got a ton of use out on our patio, and as a bonus, I used leftover outdoor finish from our shed to make it look like it belonged with eveyrthing else out there!

DIY kids table and chairs

28. Convertible DIY Kids Table and Chairs

Anika from Anika’s DIY Life built this adorable convertible DIY toddler table and chairs set. This picture shows it as a bench and two stools. It can also be a table and chairs by flipping it around. Check out the plans on her site to see how!

Convertible DIY Kids Table and Chairs

29. DIY Kids Patio Chairs

Houseful of Handmade made these ADORABLE DIY kids patio chairs that I now definitely feel like I need to make. Especially for grammy’s house, where they have some outdoor pool furniture that these would be so cute with. And what’s cuter than miniature versions that look like the real thing?

kids patio chairs in orange and teal

30. Outdoor Playhouse Idea for Kids

Another home run from Houseful of Handmade, this outdoor playhouse for kids has a playhouse loft area, a climbing ladder, a rock climbing wall, and a gravel pit play area underneath. oh, and a real roof and a slide. I need a bigger backyard—this is AWESOME.

Outdoor playhouse with climbing wall and loft

31. Boat Picnic Table for Bigger Kids

Yep, another cute project from Houseful of Handmade. Her boat picnic table for bigger kids is adorable and fits a cute little umbrella perfectly.

Boat Picnic Table for Bigger Kids

32. Backyard Fort Turned Playhouse

Jessica Wellington Interiors also did this absolutely adorable playhouse makeover from an old swing set—the kind that has a fort on top of it. This project is absolutely adorable and is a total must see!

Backyard fort made into a playhouse

33. Farmhouse Kids Style Table and Chairs Makeover

Another from the Frugal Homemaker—she gave an old table and chairs an adorable makeover that took it from chipped and dated looking to a beautiful farmhouse-style kids table and chairs. This timeless-looking color combo would look great in anyone’s home.

Farmhouse Kids Style Table and Chairs Makeover

DIY Furniture Ideas For Kids Spaces: Storage Ideas

34. DIY Modern Toy Box

We built a modern toy box for our multipurpose room so that we could store toys out of sight while Ramona wasn’t down there playing. It was extra important to be able to do that since this doubles as a guest space and Mike’s office. Adding an upholstered cushion on tops makes it comfy seating for humans and cats. The latter enjoys birdwatching out the window.

modern DIY toy box in a basement

35. Modern Dollhouse Bookcase Build Plans

One of my absolute favorites! I built this modern dollhouse bookcase when Ramona was just starting to become mobile. It was the perfect size for her to sit up and grab things from the shelf. Now that she’s two, we’ve moved it into her big girl room, and it goes great with her house bed.

DIY modern dollhouse bookcase
DIY modern dollhouse bookcase

36. DIY Step Stool for Toddlers

And in the previous picture you might have noticed the cute little dark gray and white step stool. I made this DIY step stool for toddlers modeled after a Crate and Barrel step stool. It uses mostly 2×2, and I used a piece of scrap wood for the topper.

DIY Step Stool for Toddlers

37. DIY Hidden Bookshelf Tree Idea

My bud Adam over as Lazy Guy DIY made this clever DIY hidden bookshelf tree—perfect for a forest- or woodland-themed room. It would also be fun to decorate at Christmas 🙂

Bookshelf hidden by a wooden tree form

38. Nursery Bookcase Makeover

Sometimes a cute simple bookcase makeover is all you need for a nursery. Green With Decor did this end table makeover with gel stain and glaze, and the finished bookcase is a beautiful combo of three different shades of blue. Love that high-gloss finish, too—I have to try some glaze!

Nursery Bookcase Makeover

39. DIY Cottage Style Bookcase

Jaime Costiglio has the plans to build this gorgeous yellow cottage-style bookcase with adjustable shelves. I love the color on this, too—it reminds me of the retro accent table paint project I did a few years ago. Also, that accent wall behind the shelving looks fab.

Yellow cottage style bookshelf

40. Kids Beside Table With Storage

I remember when Anika from Anika’s DIY Life first published this project years ago. It’s the perfect little kids beside table with storage that’s the perfect size for large, flat kids books.

Kids Beside Table With Storage

41. Fire Truck Dresser for a Kids Room

Girl in the Garage did a FANTASTIC job on this adorable painted fire truck dresser! If you have fire truck lovers, this would be the perfect project! Well done!

Fire Truck Dresser for a Kids Room

42. DIY Gas Pump Bookshelf for a Kids Room

Listen, I swear I’m not obsessed with Jaime…I’m just obsessed with everything she does. And this DIY gas pump bookshelf is no exception. I mean, come ON. This is so adorable! Click over to the post to see what’s inside the cabinet, because yes—the gas pump is a door handle.

DIY Gas Pump Bookshelf for a Kids Room

43. DIY Live Edge Bookshelf

This gorgeous live edge bookshelf DIY would honestly look amazing in any room, not just a kids space. Another great, versatile project from Adam at Lazy Guy DIY!

bookshelf with a live edge wooden top

44. Ikea Hemnes Dresser Hack With Changing Pad Topper

My friends Morgan and Sean at Charleston Crafted did a fab job on this Ikea Hemnes dresser mid-century modern hack, including painting it, upgrading the hardware big time, and adding a beautiful topper for a baby changing pad and other supplies. I also love the beautiful wallpaper they chose.

teal mid-century dresser made into a changing table

45. Midcentury Modern Bookshelf Build Plans

This gorgeous midcentury modern bookshelf would also look good in any room. I’m also envisioning this being used as some sort of storage. I just love the A-frame-like legs.

modern style two section bookshelf

46. DIY Nursery Book Storage

This is the second old TV stand turned into something more useful in this post. Green With Decor turned a TV stand into nursery book storage, and it turned out great! She even styled the top as a bench by adding pillows.

old tv stand turned nursery book storage

47. DIY Rocket Bookshelf Idea

This absolutely adorable DIY rocket bookshelf by the Handyman’s Daughter would look adorable in anything space-lover’s room. This is such a cool project.

Rocket shaped bookcase

48. London Phone Booth Painted Cabinet

Another fun paint project from Girl in the Garage—she made this London phone booth cabinet from an old cabinet and transformed it using nothing but paint. It’s so cute!

Old cabinet makeover to look like a London phone booth

49. Simple DIY Toy Box With Lid for a Kids Playroom

Another toy boy, this simple toy box with a lid is a staple in any house with kids. Jaime’s got the build plans for you guys, and you can customize it using any finish you’d like.

monogrammed white toy box

50. DIY Floating Book Ledges

We have some floating book ledges in Ramona’s room, but we went the easy route and bought some from Ikea. Lydi Out Loud built these adorable floating book ledges to store books in a small area of her daughter’s room. Perfect! (Want longer ones? We built some in our downstairs room.)

Floating shelves in a nursery

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