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DIY Door Knob Hanger: Easy and Adorable Kids Craft!

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Learn how to make a DIY door knob hanger for a kid’s room using a cheap wooden hanger, a little paint, and your Cricut! It’s an easy, fun project for kids.

DIY door knob hanger for a kid’s room

Ramona has a lovely neighborhood friend named Ava who she is obsessed with. Ava is a few years older than Ramona, so she loves playing with a “big girl.” Ava’s mom very generously gives us a TON of hand-me-downs, but I often feel like we never have anything for them!

So sometimes I craft up some things for Ava to enjoy—she is a little girly girl and loves stuff like this. And besides, what kid doesn’t like personalized things for their rooms? When I saw this wooden door knob hanger for just a few bucks in Joann one day, I knew I had to do a quick little craft for Ava!

blank wooden door knob hanger
blank wooden door knob hanger

Here’s what I used:

And here’s how I made my DIY door knob hanger for a kid’s room!

Step 1: Paint the wooden hanger

The first thing I did was remove the price sticker and paint the front and back of the door knob hanger using white acrylic craft paint. I need two coats of this paint to get enough coverage.

white acrylic craft paint
painted wooden door knob hanger
painted wooden door knob hanger

Step 2: Cut vinyl name, unicorn, and stars

Next I cut out a unicorn, some stars, and text that said “AVA’S ROOM” in Cricut’s Design Space. If you’re also working with with a Cricut, I used the font ITC Posterboy Std Regular in Design Space. The unicorn file is M87221F5, and the stars files are M894B60E and M3639B. I used hot pink vinyl for the unicorn and name—holographic vinyl for the stars.

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Step 3: Apply the vinyl to the door knob hanger

Next I used transfer tape to apply the unicorn first, then the name, then the stars. I was originally worried about how well the vinyl would adhere to painted wood and even considered doing iron-on vinyl (yes, you can use iron-on vinyl with wood!) so ensure a good stick. But I really wanted to use these colors/patterns for this project, so I decided to see how it went.

applying a pink vinyl unicorn
applying pink vinyl text
applying vinyl to a painted DIY wooden door knob holder
applying a pink vinyl unicorn

And it turns out great! Check it out—I can’t wait to let Ramona give it to her! I think it’s perfect for a 5-year-old girl’s room. Now I’m going to have to make Ramona one because she wants everything Ava has 🙂

personalized DIY door knob hanger for a kid's room
personalized DIY door knob hanger for a kid's room

Pin my DIY door knob hanger made using Cricut!

personalized DIY door knob hanger for a kid's room
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