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DIY Patio Coffee Table Made With Pavers

This post will show you how I made a DIY patio coffee table with a concrete top, except you don’t have to pour any concrete! I used concrete pavers and 2×2 as a much simpler approach.

How to make a DIY patio coffee table with 2×2 and pavers!

I first made over our tiny backyard for the spring 2018 One Room Challenge and shared everything in this post. Then in July I shared an update. Part of that update was moving the table and benches up to the balcony and creating more of a lounge space in the backyard.

We scored a great deal on a loveseat and two matching chairs on closeout at Target, but we needed a small coffee table to complete the space. I mean really small…it’s a small deck, and the new furniture took up a decent amount of space. So I built one. 🙂

I wanted a concrete top but didn’t want to mess with making a mold, pouring concrete, setting it, etc. etc. So pavers are the next best thing! They might not look as good as one large concrete slab, but I think they look pretty damn good. As a bonus, I decided not to seal them, so they just act as coasters when you set a drink on them.

DIY patio coffee table with 2x2 and pavers


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Here is a link to the Dropbox folder with all of the files!

woman in a workshop with text overlay that says FREE PLANS LIBRARY

And here’s how I made our DIY patio coffee table

(Remember to wear a mask and eye protection while sanding and working with wood, and wear an appropriate mask while working with stains and finishes. Follow all directions and warnings. Do not use any tools without proper training, precautions, and supervision. Read my full terms of use here.)

Step 1: Cut pieces and drill pocket holes

First I cut all pieces and used my Kreg Jig to drill all of the pocket holes. You can download the free printable build plans at the download link in this post (the pic with me in it!) for the whole cut list and guide for pocket holes. I chose 2×2 for the base because I love the square shape. (Remember—it’s really 1 1/2″ by 1 1/2″, by 2 inches by 2 inches.)

Step 2: Assemble base structure

Next I assembled the base of the coffee table like so. First I created the two rectangles for the sides. Then I added the four longer stretchers to assemble the bulk of the base.

To construct the table, it’s best to either have a second set of hands to hold everything in place, or you can use clamps to keep everything secure. The pocket holes help keep everything really secure and stable for the heavy pavers.

outdoor coffee table base

Step 3: Add base supports

Once the base was complete, I added an additional three support pieces along the top of the table base to help support the pavers. I only used three small pavers, but they are heavy! This has definitely been enough support for the table. Ditching the middle support might actually be fine, too. But better safe than sorry, and I had the wood!

supports added to the table base

Step 4: Stain, finish, and add pavers

I stained and finished the base using Varathane wood stain in Kona and Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane in Satin. Once everything was dry, I ran adhesive along the entire top of the table and carefully placed each paver.

I didn’t use clamps or add any additional weight because the pavers are so heavy themselves. I let it dry completely before letting any rain get on it or before using it for anything.

And that’s my DIY patio coffee table with a cheap paver top. We love it! In fact, I loved it so much I used the rest of my 2×2 to build a matching concrete paver side table. You can see it in the pics below.

DIY Outdoor Coffee Table base stained
DIY Outdoor Coffee Table base stained
DIY patio coffee table with 2x2 and pavers
DIY patio coffee table with 2x2 and pavers

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DIY patio coffee table with 2x2 and pavers
DIY patio coffee table with 2x2 and pavers

Here is a link to the Dropbox folder with all of the files!

woman in a workshop with text overlay that says FREE PLANS LIBRARY


Hey all, we’ve now been through three whole summers with our little DIY patio coffee table, and about the same amount of time since I shared the plans. This post has been pretty popular, so I wanted to give an update. We use it a ton, and we let the coffee table and side table sit outside, uncovered, all winter.

Keep in mind that there is a second-story deck above this area, so it was shielded from some of the elements. All I have done each spring is thoroughly scrub everything down.

patio paver coffee table with plants on it

We did push the table out of the way when Ramona was first learning to walk and was very unsteady on her feet. You definitely don’t want a wobbly little baby/toddler around these concrete corners. But now that she is a much better walker, we have it pulled back out.

The only thing I might change—and might actually do some time this summer if I can find the time—is seal the pavers with Thompson’s Waterseal. Using unsealed pavers means they act like giant coasters, which is great.

But it can also be negative if you spill something on them like red wine or liquid candle wax from a mosquito candle. It is nearly impossible to clean it off. You can see those marks on some of the more recent pics of the table below. But for now, we know it’s an outdoor table and isn’t going to be perfect.

It’s still serving us really well and is the perfect size for this tiny space. For a while last summer, I actually pushed it up against the house where I could set some houseplants for the summer. Most of them don’t like direct sunlight, so they needed a sheltered place to go. We put an inflatable pool on the deck like the rednecks we are.

Let me know if you build one! And of course don’t forget the matching side table. We’ve gotten a ton of use out of that, too! Well, it’s mostly a plant stand these days. But that’s ok. 🙂

patio paver coffee table with plants on it
beautiful small outdoor patio space
beautiful small outdoor patio space

Pin my DIY patio coffee table plans made using 2×2 and pavers!

collage that says paver patio table plans
outdoor space with text overlay that says how to build a DIY paver patio table

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