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DIY Concrete Candlestick Holders

This post shares my DIY concrete candlestick holders featuring pipe. It’s a quick and easy DIY that will help you get your feet wet working with concrete—and who doesn’t love candlestick holders?

DIY Concrete Candlestick Holders

Quick little concrete project today. I must be on a bit of a candle kick, too, because I wanted to make some concrete and pipe candlestick holders after making some PVC pipe candelabras. And they look pretty awesome.

DIY concrete candlestick holders
  • Bottom of an old creamer carton and any kitchen oil
  • Concrete mix, cup for mixing, and something to mix with (keep in mind that these might get ruined)
  • White taper candlesticks
  • PVC coupling in a size that fit my candles, spray painted matte black
  • Dremel

**Suggestion! Buy your candles first. Then take them to the store with you to make sure they fit in the size you’re buying. Taper candles are cheap and easy to find, so I picked up two slightly different widths to try out 🙂

And here’s how I made my DIY concrete candlestick holders.

Step 1: Measure the cardboard mold

First I drew a line on the inside of the carton to indicate how tall I wanted the concrete part of my candlestick holders to be. This is especially important if you’re making more than one.

old cream carton

Step 2: Mix and pour concrete

I mixed up enough concrete to fill roughly the size of my candlestick holder. Then I poured it in and tapped the sides of the carton to get the concrete to settle and pop air bubbles.

(You probably won’t get all of the air bubbles out, which is fine. I kind of like them and think they give the piece character.)

After about 30 seconds, I stuck the PVC coupling (that I had already painted) in about halfway down. The concrete was solidified enough to hold the coupling in place, but it wasn’t so hard that I couldn’t press it in. That’s the sweet spot!

mixing concrete in a cup
upcycled cardboard concrete molds
pipe pieces
pouring in an upcycled cardboard mold

Step 3: Remove from Mold

Once the concrete was completely dry, I pulled it out of the carton. I used my Dremel and a little drum sander to polish up the edges. Pop the candlesticks in and call it a day.

And that’s that! Here’s a few shots of them with candles in them.

DIY concrete candlestick holders
DIY concrete candlestick holders
DIY concrete candlestick holders
DIY concrete candlestick holders
DIY concrete candlestick holders

For more concrete projects, check out my easy DIY concrete coasters and my concrete succulent planters!

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  1. Dawn Frey says:

    You called for Kitchen oil in the list of materials but it does not say what to do with it in the instructions.

  2. Judy D. Black says:

    I found this to be an easy,yet attractive project that I intend to copy. I may add color. Thank you for your idea.

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