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5 Festive and Free December 2020 Desktop Backgrounds

Looking for computer background freebies? I’m sharing 5 festive and free December 2020 desktop backgrounds, including calendars, in two different sizes. Pick your favorite, instant download!

Free December 2020 desktop backgrounds with calendars!

Hey guys! If you’re in the U.S., happy day after Thanksgiving. Even though it’s a weird year this year, I hope you got to celebrate somehow. At the very least, I hope you had the day off! If you’re not in the U.S., well, I hope the virus isn’t raging out of control where you are and you just had a lovely day in general. 🙂

Wherever you are, I hope you like cute free desktop backgrounds with calendars. Because that’s what I have for you in this post. Five of them, in fact. And they are nice and holiday themed without being too Christmas-y. So if you don’t celebrate Christmas or Christmas stuff just isn’t your thing, they have more of a general winter vibe.

December 2020 Desktop Background with dried orange slices and pinecones
December 2020 Desktop Background with tea, pinecones, and berries

I’ve really been enjoying these and am definitely going to continue creating them in 2021. Just another reason to look forward to 2020 being over…a whole new year of desktop calendars! I’m also working on some free printable calendars like the ones I made last year.

I even started working on some hand lettering. At this point it’s pretty much a cross between cursive (which is how I generally write in real life) and elementary hand lettering. Give me some time to get better at it and I’ll do some real hand lettering calendars 🙂 My friend Colleen inspired me to learn—I love her stuff. You can check out her blog Lemon Thistle for more.

December 2020 calendar with cookies and other baking supplies
December 2020 Desktop Background with greenery and leaves
December 2020 Desktop Background with brown paper presents and greenery

Want to download these?

If you want to download all five of these desktop wallpapers, you can grab them via my Dropbox. The link is below, and save this! It’s the same link I’ll use every month for these to keep things easy 🙂

Pin my free December 2020 desktop wallpapers!

December 2020 Desktop Background

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