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Cricut Wood and Chipboard Projects

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This post shares 15 Cricut wood and chipboard projects you can make using your Cricut Maker’s Knife Blade or your Explore Explore Air 2’s Deep Point Blade!

15 Cricut Wood and Chipboard Projects

Hey gang! Today I am sharing a roundup of 15 awesome Cricut wood and chipboard projects to inspire you! If you’ve been wanting to try to cut wood with your Cricut Maker’s Knife Blade or cut chipboard on you Explore Air 2 or Maker machine, this post is for you.

Cricut wood and chipboard projects

Cricut Wood and Chipboard Projects: Basswood Cricut Projects

Cutting basswood (and balsa wood) is a unique ability for the Maker—no other Cricut machine can do it. I have an entire post and video all about using the Cricut Maker’s Knife Blade to cut wood if you’re new to it!

1. DIY Wood Bookmark Made With Cricut

This cute DIY wooden bookmark from Amber Oliver is a unique use of Cricut’s wood. The wood is so thin that it isn’t too big to fit between pages in a book—but it’s also a bit more substantial than just using a piece of paper. I also love the cute flowers and leaves cut-out pattern she used!

Wooden bookmark made from basswood using the Cricut Maker

2. Wood Elephant Phone and Pencil Holder

My friend Timisha at Toolbox Divas made this cute elephant phone and pencil holder using more intricate cuts and multiple pieces that she painted and assembled. Really cute!

Cute elephant pencil holder made from basswood using the Cricut Maker

3. DIY Wood Cake Topper Made With Cricut

We didn’t do too much for Ramona’s second birthday—just a small little family party. But I couldn’t pass up the chance to make a cute little cake topper out of Cricut basswood. I also used the slice tool in Design Space to add a “dipped” look with holographic vinyl.

DIY wood cake topper using cricut maker

4. DIY 3D Floating Wood Sign Made Using Cricut

This cute floating 3-D wooden cheers sign from Anika’s DIY Life would be the perfect addition to any party! Anika also used chipboard for this project, which we’ll talk a bit more about in a few.

3D word sign made from basswood using the Cricut Maker

5. DIY Summer Popsicle Wood Sign

A colorful wooden summer popsicle sign from Everyday Jenny would be a really fun project to make with the kids—especially if you’re cooped up indoors schooling your kids from home and they won’t be going back until the fall! (I’m writing this in April 2020 :))

Summer spelled out in colorful popsicles made from basswood

6. Cricut Earrings Using Wood

I don’t think I’ve seen any jewelry made using the Cricut Maker and wood. These trendy wooden earrings from Mary Martha Mama are a simple project that you could also make using basswood leftovers from another project! I absolutely hate wasting any materials—especially pricier stuff like basswood!

round earrings with holes in the middle made of basswood

7. DIY Wood Desktop Organizer for Cricut Supplies

I love this DIY desktop organizer made using a Cricut Maker and wood from Dream A Little Bigger. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping all of my little Cricut bits and bobs organized. I absolutely love the spot in the front for all of the little blades!

Desk organizer made from basswood with the Cricut Maker

8. DIY Wood Coasters Made Using Cricut

Another from ToolBox Divas—these wooden floral and fluffy sheep coasters Timisha are so cute! They have an extra decorative later added as well.

floral pink sheep coasters made from basswood using the Cricut Maker

Cricut Wood and Chipboard Projects: Projects Made from Chipboard

Although chipboard isn’t wood, it can be use for projects that need a similar amount of structure. Cutting chipboard can be done on either the Maker or the Explore Air 2—it depends on the blade you’re using and the type of chipboard. For example, a deep point blade, which can be used on either machine, vs. the knife blade, which can be used only on the Maker.

You can read all about using Cricut to cut chipboard here! In the meantime, here are a few great Cricut projects made using chipboard. Enjoy!

9. Cricut Chipboard Diamond Cupcake Toppers

These DIY chipboard cupcake toppers from Coastal Bride are the perfect simple addition to a party. If diamonds aren’t your thing, you could easily adapt this project to be anything, really. As long as it isn’t too intricate for the knife blade to cut and has a stick at the bottom!

Diamond shaped cake toppers made from chipboard using the Cricut Maker

10. DIY Chipboard Photo Puzzle

Turn any picture into a DIY photo puzzle with this tutorial from Dream A Little Bigger. Bonus point if you make a puzzle of your cat, because who wouldn’t want a puzzle of their cat?

Cat picture puzzle made from chipboard using the Cricut Maker

11. Cricut Chipboard Desk Organizing Cubes

Colorful fabric-wrapped DIY chipboard desk organizers from Happiness Is Homemade are the perfect project to add organization to any craft room or workspace! And they are so easy. Fabric is optional—if that’s not your thing, you can leave them blank for a utilitarian look or paint them.

Colorful pink desk organizers made from chipboard using the Cricut Maker

12. DIY Chipboard Family Photo Puzzle

Another DIY photo puzzle tutorial, this time from Leap of Faith Crafting. This one has biggest puzzle pieces, so it’s something that littler hands could handle. I also like that this puzzle has a base that you create the puzzle in—also good for storage once you put it together.

Family picture puzzle made with chipboard and the Cricut Maker

13. Personalized Name Puzzle Made With Chipboard and Wood

I absolutely love this DIY personalized name puzzle from The Country Chic Cottage! I bought Ramona a custom acrylic and wood name puzzle for her first birthday and she loves it. But why not make your own? Angie’s tutorial is great!

Child's wooden name puzzle made with the Cricut Maker

14. DIY Plant Markers

Highly possible I am going to make something like this this year! I love these DIY wooden plant markers from Dukes and Duchesses. They turned out great, and I love the dipped paint effect she did as well.

Wooden plant name markers made with the Cricut Maker

15. DIY Chipboard Monstera Leaves

I made these cute monstera leaves from chipboard to put on my new workspace corner’s walls! I also cut vinyl in the same size to give them a bit of color and just added that on top. Then I put them on the wall using painter’s tape.

cutting chipboard monstera leaves with Cricut Maker knife blade
cutting chipboard monstera leaves with Cricut Maker knife blade

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Cricut Wood and Chipboard Projects
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Tuesday 28th of April 2020

Emmy and I are planning little tiny creations with our Cricut for our dollhouse and I am so excited!

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Tuesday 28th of April 2020

Oh that's a GREAT idea!!! I dream about making dollhouse furniture! I know, I need better dreams.

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