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Shop Here: Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

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Looking for indoor entertainment ideas for your kids? Check out my colorable cardboard playhouse review.

My colorable cardboard playhouse review

Like a lot of you fine people, I’m stuck inside a lot with my 2-year-old daughter. I love her to pieces, but she makes it really, really hard to work. I’ve been trying to work from home with her now for about 2 months, and TV has become my best friend. But I’ve started to get a little bit more desperate, and my Amazon cart is proof. 🙂

I’ll spare you a list of all of my purchases, some of them good, some of them shameful. Today I want to talk specifically about one really cool thing we ordered—a colorable cardboard playhouse! I had never heard of these and somehow stumbled onto an Amazon listing for one from the company Bankers Box.

Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review
Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

The company actually specialized in office organization solutions like those durable cardboard boxes offices use to store papers and folders. They also sell plastic storage drawers and desktop organization solutions. But apparently these geniuses also have a line of products called “Bankers Box at Play”—colorable cardboard playhouses!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I ordered it. Would it be hard to put together? Would it be too flimsy to really even use and play with? Why was I spending 30-something dollars on cardboard? Desperation, that’s what. But let’s talk about the playhouse.

Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review
Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

What is a colorable playhouse?

A colorable playhouse is a playhouse made out of a thick cardboard with a matte finish that takes crayons/markers/paint/etc. really well. The Bankers Box cardboard house is made out of 32-ECT corrugated cardboard with rounded edges. If you’re like me and don’t know anything about cardboard, I’ll tell you this—it means it’s sturdy, even with kids man-handling it.

The cardboard is white, and designs are already printed onto the house for kids (and adults) to color in. (They also have a blank white cardboard house, too, as I’m sure other brands do.) If you’re not into the unicorn patterns, they also have a “treats and eats” cute cafe pattern.

The house comes in two pieces in a large, flat box. It came with instructions, but I didn’t even look at them that assembling was so simple. Once assembled, it’s awesomely big! I could fit inside with Ramona, and two or three little people would have a lot of fun with it. The assembled measurements of this specific house are 38″ long, 32″ wide, 48″ tall. I’m sure a lot of the similar colorable cardboard houses out there are similar sizes.

Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review
Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

Assembling our Bankers Box colorable playhouse

Like I said, this was super easy to assemble. I did have to wrestle with a few tricky tabs to get them through, though. And honestly, it was pretty stable with no further reinforcements, But I asses a few pieces of tape along the apex of the roofline to help keep everything stable.

The pre-cut functional doors and whatnot are impressive! I don’t know, maybe my threshold for things impressing me is really low now. There were two doors, two windows, and two roof hatches. As you can imagine, HOURS of entertainment just opening and shutting them. So I’d call that impressive.

Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

To trick our house out, we used crayons, markers, bingo dotters, and paint. Ramona enjoyed the paint the most probably just because she loves paint and I generally let her get a little messy with finger painting. Obviously since she is 2, she mostly just smeared paint and whatnot all over the house. (The halfway decent coloring and painting was from me!)

She loves it. And the best part is that when she’s done playing with it, we can just cut it down and recycle it. But here’s to hoping she has a lot more fun with it until then!

Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

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Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review
Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review
Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review

Here are a few more cute ones worth checking out—

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Colorable Cardboard Playhouse Review
Colorable cardboard playhouse with little girl coloring text Colorable Cardboard Playhouse, Perfect for Kids!
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