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15 Things I’ve Spray Painted

This article shares 15 chic decorating ideas using spray paint!

Here are 15 things I’ve spray painted around the house for a chic look!

Specially black, white, and gold spray paint. Because those are really the only colors I allow in my home (other than all of my beautiful plants, that is). Love it or hate it, it’s who I am. And since I’m always trying to look chic on a budget, spray paint is my best friend.

It’s such an easy way to coordinate pieces! See something cheap you’d like to use as a planter but it’s the wrong color? Paint it. Want to upcycle something to look less like the original item? Paint it. Need to coordinate several pieces on a table? PAINT. IT. And you wouldn’t even know a lot of them are painted. So let’s chat 15 chic decorating ideas using spray paint.

1. Target $3 Pink Storage Jar Turned Planter

I saw this little cutie in the Bullseye’s Playground area of Target. They had them in dark gray and pink colors with lids. I got one of the dark gray and one of the pink, chucked the lids, painted the pink one using satin white spray paint, and made them planters.

For drainage, I threw a layer of plastic craft beads from my craft closet in the bottom. Perfect lightweight solution.

beautiful plants in white pots on a desk

2. Black Deer Decor

This guy was a yucky brassy color (not a cute brassy color) when I got him. I don’t even remember where it’s from. I originally had two and painted them both, but the cats broke one. This one was painted using matte black spray paint.

This little guy bounces all around my house and is a prominent fixture in our simple holiday decor. He now lives upstairs on the windowsill of the second bathroom, which is the kid-friendly woodland-themed bathroom.

Hanging plant in a bathroom

3. Stainless Steel Hanging Bowl Planter

Man, one of my favorite DIYs. (You can see the full tutorial here!) This started out as an Ikea stainless steel bowl but with a drill, some metallic gold spray paint, and some hanging materials, it’s now a stunning planter in our living room.

DIY hanging planter painted gold with spray paint
large gorgeous pothos plant
Hanging gold DIY planter made out of a bowl

4. No Longer Shabby Chic Frame

I got this frame waaaay back when I was going through a shabby chic phase (don’t judge me). I’ve had it forever. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good frame, I painted it matte black. I love how it looks now.

painted pots on white open shelving

5. Desk Pen and Pencil Holder

Another DIY I’ve had for so long that I don’t have a tutorial for it—because I’m *reasonably certain* I did it before I even had a blog. This was a Yankee Candle, the tall, two-wick kind.

When the candle ran out, I cleaned out the remainder of the wax and used painter’s tape and matte black spray paint to dress it up. Some rocks in the bottom and it’s the perfect pen/pencil holder for my desk.

Jar turned into a pencil holder
workspace against a black wall

6. Ivory Ikea Candle Sticks

I actually bought these last fall from Ikea fully intending to spray paint them when I got home. I loved how they looked and the price was right, but they are ivory. A few coats of matte white spray paint and they were perfect.

We used them as part of our simple holiday decor, but I’m planning to keep them out all the time because they are lovely and I love candles.

candlesticks and a deer figurine

7. Teacup Planter

One of my favorites. You can read the story about this DIY in the original tutorial I did a few years ago. This would be perfect for a cheap thrift store teacup, too.

teacup painted black and turned into a planter

8. Modern Mason Jar Planter

Hating all things related to mason jars outside of canning or margaritas in them, I decided to spray paint this one using satin black spray paint. They are the perfect size to put pothos clippings in when rooting then, and they last a long while in the water.

I put this bunch up in our second bathroom to add some greenery to the woodland theme. It will probably become my go-to for propagating because, well, I have a problem and I’m always propagating.

spray painted mason jar

9. Easy Light Fixture Update

When I updated this little powder room, I didn’t want to get rid of a perfectly good light fixture, but I thought it could benefit from a facelift. I spray painted it matte black and think it made a huge difference!

before light fixture
spray painted vanity light fixture

10. Toilet Paper Holder

…And then did the toilet paper holder to match! 🙂

spray painted toilet paper holder

11. Outside Turned Inside Planters

When we shut down our backyard for the winter and shuffled around plants and pots, these two blue pots came inside. Blue isn’t my favorite color, but these were a clearance bin find at a local nursery, so I kept them as is outside.

To bring them inside, I spray painted one matte white and one satin black. Now they look lovely sitting in my desk plant gang.

beautiful plants in white pots on a desk

12. Paper Towel Holder

This one is a bit of a surprise. We’ve had this paper towel holder since we moved in together in 2013. I actually think I might have had it earlier than that.

Painting it black was just supposed to be a quick fix many years ago until I got something nicer, but here we are, still using the same one. It’s simple and unimposing—why toss it?

kitchen with an island and barstools

13. Upcycled Tea Tin Planter

A super quick and easy upcycle. I love loose leaf tea, and sometimes they come in really cute tins. I tossed the lid to this one, painted it using painter’s tape, matte black spray paint, and metallic gold spray paint, and use it for my little propagated succulent pieces to established roots. Love chic upcycles.

beautiful plants in painted pots

14. Spray Painted Shelving Brackets

When we were babyproofing the house, we decided to turn a skinny console table we had into a shelf. We just picked up some cheap silver L brackets from Home Depot and painted them black.

After we screwed them into the wall, I went back in and touched up the silver screw heads with black craft paint and a small brush. Easy.

abstract art on a hairpin leg console table
abstract art on shelving

15. Ramona’s Nursery Mobile

I didn’t do a tutorial piece for this one, but I used black spray paint, gold spray paint, and white spray paint for this project. I painted some of the stars and beads but left many natural wood, too.

One of our before-bed rituals now is to go over and spin the mobile. R loves watching the shadows on the wall and trying to grab the stars. 🙂

DIY nursery mobile


…Even though it’s not black, white, or gold…I painted our floor register covers to blend in better with the color of our flooring! I used oil-rubbed bronze for this. Such a small change makes a huge difference, and it was a reader who suggested this. THANK YOU!

brown vents
spray painted vent

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collage of painted things that says 15 things to spray paint

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