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Calathea Orbifolia Care & Propagation

If you’re looking for a calathea orbifolia care guide, look no further! I am outlining everything you need to know to keep this high-maintenance but stunningly beautiful plant happy. Calathea orbifolia care & how to keep this high-maintenance beauty happy Wow, another calathea post! It must be spring, because that’s the only time I am …

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Calathea Ornata Care Guide

Calathea plants can be challenging to care for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep yours happy! Learn all about calathea ornata care, including how much light this plant needs and how much humidity you’ll need to ensure it stays happy. Calathea ornata care…are calathea ornata plants hard to care for? Hi plant people! Today …

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Calathea Care: Caring for Different Calathea Varieties

This post shares all about calathea plant care, including the most popular varieties of calathea plants you’re likely to find at your local nursery; what light, water, humidity, temperature, and fertilizer needs the plants have; and how to propagate calathea plants.  Calathea Care: How to Care for Different Calathea Varieties Buckle up for a long …

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