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Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive

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This tutorial shows you how I used my Cricut to create bold gift wrap using metallic adhesive. It’s an easy way to customize otherwise generic wrapping paper.

Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive

Popping in to share a quick tutorial on how to create bold gift wrap using metallic adhesive—an admittedly highly unnecessary and extremely extra project! I saw a shirt with a mirrored text design like this one it and decided I wanted to try it on something, though. So gift wrap it was!

I had this beautiful thick black and white striped gift wrap that I’d snagged on clearance last year at Home Goods. Home Goods is surprisingly a great place to get really cute, really nice gift wrap for pretty cheap. I like to keep a roll or two of nice paper on hand in the closet all year round. And I like neutral patterns that can be used for pretty much any occasion.

I know it’s not environmentally friendly to use paper to wrap gifts…reusable and cloth wrapping paper is all the rage now. But I sometimes can’t help myself with gift wrap. Maybe next year I’ll do what’s best for the Earth…for now, let me splurge on pretty paper for some things!

Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive

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And here’s how I made my bold gift wrap using metallic adhesive.

Step 1: Create and size design

In Cricut’s design space, I just used a free system font with a bold weight and modern feel. I really love this font for how versatile it is. And how free it is. Ha. I typed out “MERRY” and sized it to fit the present I wanted to customize. Then I highlighted the word and copied it.

Step 2: Mirror the image and cut

Once I had two versions of the word, I simply used the option in Cricut’s Design Space to flip the entire word upside down. You can flip horizontally or vertically—you can vertically. Then I lined it up with the bottom of the right-side up version.

I also created a box the size of the present I was adding the vinyl to. This was only so I could decide on the size—I deleted the box before I cut the letters. I used my Maker to cut the two words out of adhesive gold foil. Once everything was cut out, I weeded the negative space away from the words so I could see what I was working with.

Cricut design space
Cricut design space
cutting vinyl on the cricut maker
Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive

Step 3: Apply the adhesive foil

I didn’t use transfer tape for this project because I didn’t want it to mess up the gift wrap or pull the color off. I used the vertical lines on the paper to very carefully place each letter. The lines on the paper were actually super helpful.

Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive
Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive
Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive

And that’s that! Quick little DIY that took me about 15 minutes to do. 

Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive

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Bold Gift Wrap Using Metallic Adhesive
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