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Make Over an Old TV Stand

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Make Over an Old TV Stand with Americana Decor Chalky Finish | DIY

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We got this TV stand on Craigslist (like everything else we own). I didn’t think I felt like painting it, but honestly, I got tired of looking at it. So, while Mike was out of town, I started to tackle this project. I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish colors in Primitive and Carbon; then, I used the Soft Touch Varnish (see all colors and finishes here). I couldn’t wait to finish this project so that we had somewhere to put our cable box. Before this piece, we just had it on the floor.



The first coat of gray (Primitive) on the body was great and look like exactly what I wanted. I also liked the black (Carbon) on the interior of the piece, but I wasn’t feeling it on the doors.

Americana DecoArt Chalky Finish

Unfortunately, the doors were slightly uneven when they were shut. This wasn’t nearly as noticeable when the door color didn’t contrast so much with the body color. It was kind of a bummer, because I had big plans for new door handles. I decided to take the doors off. I used a nail hole filler to fill the screw holes, and then I painted over that (not pictured).


Here’s the final product. I did two coats of gray (Primitive) and one coat of black (Carbon).

americana decor chalky paint

I also decided to try my hand at a little stenciling, which was a horrible idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t love the way it turned out, and I had run out of the gray color. Stencil at your own risk. No more stenciling for me!

americana decor chalky paint

americana decor chalky paint

Here’s a comparison:

americana decor chalky paint

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