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Kitchen Organizing Ideas: Easy Ways to Organize in the Kitchen

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This post shares simple kitchen organizing ideas, including 6 easy ways to organize in the kitchen.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas: 6 Easy Ways to Organize in the Kitchen

organization 10 minute DIYs

Last year I was chatting with my friend Lindi from Love Create Celebrate about how we needed to do more quick and easy DIYs since people don’t always have time for super long and in-depth DIY tutorials. It was her great idea, and I told her I was down. That’s how this monthly 10-Minute DIYs series started—and even better, now it’s a group of us participating!

We decided to come up with a theme that we’d each post about every month, and January’s is organization. This theme works especially well for me because I spent New Year’s Day (well, after I slept off all the booze) organizing our entire kitchen.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

You’d think that since we just moved in in September that it wouldn’t be that bad, but we didn’t really go through our things before the move, and we just kind of threw everything into cabinets and drawers during the move-in fog. So for today’s 10-Minute DIY post, I’m going to be sharing 7 things I did to organize our kitchen.

They aren’t all exactly DIY projects…they are more like tips. And I’m calling them non-glamorous because they involve old soda boxes, trash, and appliance manuals…we’re not talking about fancy things today. We’re talking about quick and easy ways to whip your kitchen in to shape now.

1. Use an old soda box to store plastic baggies.

Have you ever seen that Clickhole article, “Finally! This Realistic Barbie Comes With a Cabinet Full of Plastic Bags.”

Yeah, we had that cabinet. Although we try to use reusable bags as often as we can, we somehow always end up with plastic bags, and they build up fast. I actually like having them on hand for small trash cans and painting projects, though, so I don’t throw them out until I’ve used them for something else. To organize them, I put them all into this old seltzer water box and pull them out as I need them.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

2. Install a pullout trashcan. 

This isn’t a revolutionary idea, but it really helped to free up space in the kitchen and help us keep things clutter-free. We had our trashcan sitting out at the end of the island for a while. And it was just constantly getting in the way. A pullout trashcan is out of sight when it’s not in use, but it is convenient when you need it. And it was simple to install.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

3. Use Command Hooks for just about anything.

We don’t have a closet or pantry anywhere on our main floor. I put some of the cleaning supplies under the sink and some things in the small storage closet downstairs (I’m sharing the makeover of that space in a few weeks), but I needed a place to hang rags, oven mitts, the Swiffer, and the broom. I spray painted a few Command Hooks and hung them on the side of our cabinets—they are the perfect solution.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

4. Build a plate shelf.

This easy project helps to maximize your cabinet space, and it can be built quickly! I used pieces of scrap wood for mine. See the full tutorial here.

raised plate shelf for a cabinet

5. Use plastic drawers for spices.

I can’t take credit for this idea—it was all Mike. We have tried many approaches to spice storage, and it always falls apart quickly. We have a lot of spices, so Mike decided to put them in plastic drawers. That way, when we’re (he’s) cooking, we can just put the entire thing on the counter and quickly find what we need.

Plus they don’t roll around in cabinets or drawers and aren’t stacked on top of each other, making it difficult to pull out a spice on the bottom.

spice organization

6. Grab an old tray for oils and other sticky items.

Ah, the cat tray. I think my mom gave this to us, and I’ve always loved it. It now has the distinct honor of protecting our cabinets from oils and other sticky substances. Because no matter how clean you think a jar of raw honey is, it’s still going to leak on your cabinet shelving and create a ring you can’t remove. Cat tray to the rescue.

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

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Kitchen Organizing Ideas
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Wednesday 18th of January 2017

LOVE these! My kitchen is a nightmare. I neeeeeeed to organize it! lol. Thanks for the suggestions!

Brittany Goldwyn

Thursday 19th of January 2017

Mine will probably last for about a few weeks lol.


Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Yes, I did give you the cat tray! I am happy to see it coming in handy for something. I must admit, I was eying up your command strips when we were last at your house and was thinking what a great solution that was for a place for your broom, etc. (I just forgot to say something) It is ingenious to have spray painted them!! I might just have to use that Idea for our broom and mop that are awkwardly living in other places. I can hang them on the outside of the cabinet that is just inside the door to the garage. I like the spice idea too; I might need to find smaller plastic containers to go on our lazy susan in the cabinet.

Brittany Goldwyn

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

The spice idea was Mike's, but I can take credit for the hooks! You could also put one on the wall in the closet where Toodle's leashes live so they aren't draped over that thing in there. :)

Cat @ Pocketful of Posies

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Great ideas! I love the idea of having a pullout garbage can! Pinning!

Brittany Goldwyn

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

It's so simple but soo helpful.


Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Great post Brittany! I think I might try the spices in plastic drawer idea. My spices are kind of taking over my kitchen. lOL

Brittany Goldwyn

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Same here! Now I just need to organize them alphabetically and label the drawers...but you know that is going to last for like, a week tops.

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